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Behold the Budget iPhone Rainbow of Colors

With each passing day more lower-priced iPhone parts are photographed and leaked from the supply chain. At least this is what AppleDaily wants us to believe. Considering the large number of matching photos form several sources Apple might actually launch the device in the colors pictured below.

budget iPhone rainbow

Aside from offering the so-called budget iPhone alongside the flagship iPhone 5S this fall, Apple is expected to release iOS 7. One thing is clear, the bright hues found in the company's latest operating system could have met their match in the external plastic parts of the budget iPhone. Of course, it's possible these parts are knock-offs and will never see the light of day.

More Detailed Photos of Budget iPhone Leaked

Ever since photos and parts of Apple's upcoming lower-priced iPhone model have leaked, speculation has been rampant that the company has been planning to launch this new device alongside the iPhone 5S this fall. Now the site Techdy claims to have hands-on photos and video of the plastic-backed iOS device in white.

all plastic iPhone

Showing off the upcoming budget iPhone's rear shell and display assembly, the photos point to a more inexpensive device with definite Apple design features. The budget iPhone compares nicely to the iPhone 5, with similar openings for a lightning connector, speaker and audio headphone jack.

Leaked iPhone 5S Parts Point to Major Redesign Inside

Apple is known for retaining the external look and form factor of the iPhone in between major upgrades, tweaking things a little and adding an "S" to the number. Now that more parts have surfaced as Apple prepares its latest smartphone for production, it seems that the iPhone 5S could have more significant design changes in store.

For the most part, these upgrades will be internal while the size and shape of the 5S will remain the same. More evidence has surfaced, however that Apple will release the iPhone 5S in different colors besides silver and black, as a gold SIM card tray matching those previously leaked is included in the latest batch of photos from BGR. So what does Apple have up its sleeve for the next generation iPhone?

Is This the All-Plastic Budget iPhone Coming Soon?

It goes without saying that mysterious photo leaks from anonymous sources can't always be trusted. Apple itself has been known to develop and test several prototypes before deciding which model to put into production for the masses, so even legitimate leaks don't mean much. Even so, Tactus claims this photo depicts the back of the upcoming budget iPhone coming later this year.

budget plastic iPhone leak

Analysts and the rumor mill have been talking about a less expensive iPhone model for some time, which would presumably make it possible for Apple to further increase the market share of the handset. Not only could a cheaper iPhone make the device more accessible to more people, it would certainly lower production costs for Apple while introducing the App Store and iTunes to more paying customers.

iPhone 5 Replacement Chassis Now Available

Scratched up the aluminum back on your iPhone 5? Now you can get a replacement back plate in white or black for $99. The same folks over at iPhone5mod that have brought the illuminated iPhone 5 Lightning cable to market are offering the rear case replacement parts.

new rear panel iPhone 5 part

The rear panels pictured on the product page look identical to production iPhone 5 parts except they are missing country-specific certification information normally found printed below the iPhone name. iPhone5mod is using original Lightning connector chips in its 8-pin cable, and claims the back iPhone 5 cover is also 100 percent original.


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