More Proof of iPhone 5 Qualcomm Baseband

Italian hacker Zibri has published a code snippet on his blog that points to a Qualcomm-sourced baseband chip in the next generation iPhone. The code in question showed up in iTunes, and hints that Qualcomm will replace Infineon as the source for iPhone 5 baseband chips.

apple iphone itunes qualcomm baseband

Of course, Qualcomm is the originator of CDMA technology, and this code may just be in place for the Verizon CDMA iPhone. Zibri believes this is not the case, and several other sources have made it clear that Apple may be making the move to Qualcomm basebands across its mobile product line.

How can I sign out of my iTunes account on the iPhone?

Signing out of your iTunes account on the iPhone is simple. Follow these steps to log out:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Store
2. Touch the Sign Out button

You are now logged out of your iTunes account on the iPhone. To sign in:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Store
2. Touch the Sign In button
3. Enter the email address and password associated with your iTunes account.

Apple to Allow Explicit iPhone and iPad Apps on iTunes

According to a new report by AppleInsider, Apple is going ahead with plans to include an explicit category in iTunes for software titles. The issue of adult content on the App Store has received much attention lately after the removal of 5,000 apps deemed too low-brow for Apple's ever-shifting standards of decency.

apple iphone app store explicit

Shortly afterwards, reports surfaced that Apple was working on an explicit category with parental controls. These categories were pulled by Apple and the rumors of plans for an adult section were debunked.

New iPad Video Released by Apple

The iPad has hit Apple's website in a big way. The first devices look like giant iPhones with aluminum backs and are only half an inch thick. Apple has released a video to show off its new product.

Apple iPad

Steve Jobs announced that the first iPad models would start shipping in 60 days. Prices start at $499 for 16GB of flash memory and Wi-Fi. Models that support 3G will run $130 more than Wi-Fi only models.

App Store Expense Monitor Totals Your iPhone Costs

You may not want to know how much you've spent on apps since you picked up your first iPhone. After all, most of the cost in owning an iPhone is in the monthly data plan, right? App Store Expense Monitor will calculate your app total automatically.

The program is free and runs on Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Simply run the program and it scans your iTunes library to determine what apps you've already bought. The software then checks the current price of each application and outputs a total cost.


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