iOS App of the Week: The Westport Independent

The Westport Independent

The Westport Independent is a new simulation game released by Coffee Stain Studios. It is already drawing comparisons to Papers, Please due to its political nature. In the game you're the editor of the last independent newspapers in a country controlled by the Loyalist Party. Your job is to edit articles to sway public opinion in favor of the government or rebels. If you choose to support the rebels you risk the government shutting you down, but being too pro-government will put you at odds with the rebels, who you need to buy and support your newspaper.

VLC media player released for Apple TV

VLC for Apple TV

The Video LAN Organization has come one step closer to their motto, "VLC plays everything and runs everywhere". The first port of VLC media player for Apple TV has arrived on the App Store, promising to play almost any video stream or file in its native format. The announcement comes hot on the heels of a major update to the VLC for Mobile iOS app. Not only does VLC bring incredibly versatile video playback to Apple's latest app platform, the software adds several Apple TV specific features.

Apple launches 'Music Memos' app for users to capture song ideas

Music Memos

Apple today launched Music Memos -- a new iOS app that allows users to " tap into their musical potential and create incredible music no matter where they are.” The app is basically an easy way for musicians to record music using their device's built-in microphone whenever a musical idea hits them. Users can quickly record high-quality, uncompressed audio with a simple tap, and use the app to sync their songs to a virtual drummer and bass player to get an idea on how it sounds with a full band. The app also works with external microphones and musical instruments, such as an acoustic guitar and piano.

Live action 'Death Road to Canada' trailer features zombies, a driving dog and more

Death Road to Canada

Rocketcat Games zombie road trip simulator, Death Road to Canada, has been in production for a very long time, but the developers have released a new live action trailer and promised that a PC release is coming "in the first third of this year. The developers dropped by the Touch Arcade forums on Monday to let everyone know that the game will also be coming to iOS, and that they will be publishing regular updates on the official website until the PC release.

Apple patents optical zoom system for mobile devices

iPhone optical zoom

A patent application reveals that Apple is working on an innovative two-sensor camera system for mobile devices. Unlike some two-sensor concepts focused on 3D image capture, the intent of Apple's design would be to provide robust optical zoom capability. In a nutshell, both camera units would capture the same scene at different focal lengths simultaneously. This would result in both a wide shot and closeup taken of the same subject, which could be stored together on the mobile device.


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