Throwdown: Apple Versus Nokia

Apple has responded to Nokia's patent infringement lawsuit as any self-respecting major corporation would - with a countersuit! We previously reported that Nokia was attempting to recover up to $12 per iPhone sold by Apple for patent licensing royalties.

The patents in question include GSM and UMTS communications standards as well as security and encryption standards. Apple says Nokia has illegally copied 13 of its own patents and named the Nokia E71 as a device that completely bites off the iPhone.

Apple to Nokia: License This!

Now Nokia is taking Apple to court for patent infringement. Ten different patents, to be precise. Nokia claims Apple has neglected to license Nokia's technology including the GSM and UMTS communications standards the iPhone uses.

Nokia along with other companies such as Samsung and Ericsson have invested billions in the development of the two standards. Nokia alone claims to have invested $60 billion in the technology and has licensed the patents to 40 different wireless device manufacturers.

Will iPhone 4.0 Include Apple's Latest Patents?

Apple has been prolific in the patent department lately, especially when it comes to patents that relate to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The latest filing shows a process that would allow someone on a phone call to send files to the other party without ending the call or leaving the phone app.

iPhone Apple Patents

The iPhone would automatically determine where to send the files based on the contact information of the person connected. Even if multiple parties are in a conference call, the person sending documents, emails, contacts or text messages could send this data in one step while still connected to any of the participants.

Future iPhones Could Record Consumer Abuse Events

Apple has filed patents indicating the company is working on "consumer abuse detection" for devices such as the iPhone and iPod. The system described in the patent filing shows circuitry that would record information whenever the hardware is treated in a manner that is not covered under warranty or Apple Care coverage.

iphone patent consumer abuse detection

Shocks and impacts to the iPhone, exceeding the maximum safe operating temperature, and exposure to water are examples of events that could be recorded, along with any resulting damage to the device. During a warranty claim, the data could be retrieved to see if the device has been abused or is still covered.

iPhone Nano Patent Surfaces: Here We Go Again

The (inaccurate) furor over an impending iPhone Nano just got a shot in the arm. Apple patents described by MacNN have revealed a device that looks remarkably like a smaller version of the iPhone.

iPhone nano resurfaces

The device is approximately the size of the current iPod Nano, only 1/4 inch thick. Although the patent describes a front screen, the biggest change from current designs is a pressure-sensitive tactile control on the back.


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