Launch the iPhone Camera Quickly from Anywhere

The lock screen camera shortcut speeds up access to the Camera app when you need to snap photos in a hurry. But what if your iPhone isn't locked? What if you're in the middle of doing something else with your device, and a photo opportunity comes about?

CamFast tweak Cydia iOS

The Cydia addon CamFast is designed to help during these moments when you need the iPhone camera as quickly as possible. Once installed, you can assign any Activator action to CamFast from Settings -> Activator (of course, Activator must be installed). This means that any gesture from anywhere on your iPhone can be assigned to open the Camera app.

Add Custom Options to the iOS Dock with MultiDock

As anyone who uses Apple mobile devices already knows, the stock iOS home screen dock limits users to four app icons. There are ways to change this when your device is jailbroken, such as Infinidock, which gives scrolling capability to the dock. When it comes to MultiDock, this tweak simply allows you to add icons to the dock.

MultiDock tweak Cydia iOS

Should you have many frequently used apps that you’d like to have accessible at all times in the dock, MultiDock fits the bill. Up to five rows of icons can be added to the dock at the bottom of the home screen. The number of icons per line can also be adjusted.

Toggle iPhone Do Not Disturb from the Lock Screen

Flusterless is a jailbreak tweak designed for convenience. iPhone users running iOS 6 who frequently use the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature will enjoy quick access to enable and disable DND as quickly as possible. A sliding toggle is accessible directly from the lock screen, just to the left of the clock.

Flusterless tweak Cydia iOS

Slide the grabber to the right and a moon symbol will appear to denote DND mode is active. Slide the grabber to the right again and you’ll see a white circle, meaning that DND mode has been disengaged. Having this one-step access to DND sure beats unlocking and navigating to Settings -> Do Not Disturb.

Remove 5-Minute Rounding from iOS Calendar, Reminder Times

Ever notice how iOS changes the time selection increments you can choose from based on the app? For example, in Reminders and Calendar you can only pick times that end in a multiple of 5 minutes. Alarms in the Clock app have no such limitation, you can pick whatever minute of the hour you prefer.

In A Minute tweak Cydia iOS

Developer Brandon Sachs decided to do something about this after seeing the Every Last Minute tweak to add minutes to the Calendar app. The result of his work is the tweak In A Minute, which adds fine-grained time selection to all of the iOS scrolling date pickers system-wide.

Speed up iPhone Photo Messaging with QuickPhoto

Ever use emoji when composing a new MMS or iMessage? Even if you haven’t, the concept is simple. Switch keyboards using the globe key and you’re presented with a bunch of little pictures instead of the letters you normally see. Pressing one of the emoji icons will embed the picture right into your outgoing message.

QuickPhoto tweak Cydia iOS

The QuickPhoto tweak does the same thing for actual photos stored on your iPhone. This makes the process of adding pictures or videos from your camera roll and albums faster than the default procedure. Once installed from Cydia on your jailbroken device, simply tap the globe key to bring up the camera roll “keyboard”.


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