Control iMessage Read Receipts with SelectiveReading

Read receipts are a nice feature of iMessage, allowing others to know exactly when their outgoing messages are viewed. On the other hand, for some privacy-minded iPhone owners, giving everyone this information might feel a little too invasive. iOS does give the option to disable the feature for all messages.

SelectiveReading tweak Cydia iOS

SelectiveReading takes things further, providing more detailed options under Settings -> Messages -> Send Read Receipts. The tweak offers to ask whether or not to send a read receipt every time, although this could result in many dialog boxes for people who receive a lot of iMessages. The real gem is the Contacts Can Override feature.

Create Ringtones with App Sounds on the iPhone

Believe it or not, just 100 iPhone apps can contain thousands of individual sound effects and other audio files. AudioExplorer+ quickly and easily catalogs all of these different clips and makes it possible to preview the sounds, add them to the iPod library, and export them to the list of ringtones.

AudioExplorer+ tweak Cydia iOS

The first time AudioExplorer+ runs it will scan all of the App Store and Cydia app folders on your device for sound effects and music playable by iOS. Search time will vary depending on the speed of your iPhone, how many apps are installed, and how many sound effects are contained within each app. When complete, all audio files are neatly listed by app and can be previewed instantly.

CarrierPigeon Changes the iPhone Carrier Name

There are plenty of ways to change the iPhone carrier name that appears in the status bar. In fact, this mod is one of the most popular changes that iPhone users have performed on their devices since the very beginning of jailbreaking. But how many tweaks do you have installed that were developed by a 12-year old?

CarrierPigeon tweak Cydia iOS

CarrierPigeon is the latest entry into the segment, with developer Jay B giving a shout out to his age in the Settings. When it comes to the tweak, the settings provide an option to enable or disable the custom carrier name.

Fix the iPhone Respring Brightness Bug on iOS 6

Sometimes respringing a jailbroken iPhone results in the display brightness dropping to its dimmest level. This quirk is all due to developers killing SpringBoard instead of backboardd to perform the respring. Although many developers have updated the respring method for iOS 6 in their apps and tweaks, some have not.

BrightnessFix tweak Cydia iOS 6

This is where BrightnessFix for iOS 6 comes into play. Installing this tweak will eliminate the display brightness issue completely by ensuring your iPhone retains the brightness level that is set before the respring.

Launch the iPhone Camera Quickly from Anywhere

The lock screen camera shortcut speeds up access to the Camera app when you need to snap photos in a hurry. But what if your iPhone isn't locked? What if you're in the middle of doing something else with your device, and a photo opportunity comes about?

CamFast tweak Cydia iOS

The Cydia addon CamFast is designed to help during these moments when you need the iPhone camera as quickly as possible. Once installed, you can assign any Activator action to CamFast from Settings -> Activator (of course, Activator must be installed). This means that any gesture from anywhere on your iPhone can be assigned to open the Camera app.


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