Top iPhone Tweaks: AssistantLove Boosts Siri

Don't you wish Siri could do more stuff? Well if you jailbreak your iOS 6 device with evasi0n the AssistantLove tweak will help. There are several distinct areas where AssistantLove adds more capability to the Siri personal assistant.

Cydia tweak AssistantLove

First off, with AssistantLove you can define personal shortcuts to launch apps with your voice. This expands on Siri's built in ability to run an iOS app by request. What's useful is you can set app aliases from Settings -> AssistantLove -> App Aliases. Rename any app to quickly and easily launch it from Siri using a unique name.

More iPhone Tweaks: 3G Unrestrictor

When you're not within range of a Wi-Fi network, there are some things your iPhone won't let happen. For example, Apple will only allow downloads of apps larger than 50 MB over Wi-Fi. 3G Unrestrictor is a tweak designed to remove these restrictions on what you can and can't do with the cellular data plan for which you're already paying handsomely.

iOS tweak 3G Unrestrictor

FaceTime calls over LTE? No problem no matter who your carrier is when 3G Unrestrictor is installed. Your device must be jailbroken but once you have the tweak, FaceTime, iCloud, and almost all third-party apps won't know the difference whether you're connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network for data.

More iPhone Tweaks: CleverPin

Wouldn't it be great if your iPhone was smart enough not to bother you with a passcode when you're home? Well now with a jailbroken iOS device and the CleverPin tweak, you can specify which Wi-Fi networks are safe. When your device is within range of these networks, it turns off the passcode automatically.

iOS tweak CleverPin

This means as soon as you leave one of the safe Wi-Fi networks on the list, your passcode will be re-enabled according to the Settings. For example, if your passcode is set to trigger immediately, then as soon as you're out of range of the safe Wi-Fi network the passcode will be enabled. But you won't have to bother entering the passcode as long as you're connected to one of the networks in the list.

More iPhone Tweaks: AirplaneScheduler

Airplane Mode on the iPhone can be useful for situations besides just flying. Many people use Airplane Mode to shut off the radio signals broadcasting from their iOS devices while sleeping or when they don't want to be disturbed. Not only this, but Airplane Mode improves battery life.

AirplaneScheduler tweak iOS

The best part about Airplane Mode is you can still enable lower-power communication from your device such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while ensuring that cellular radiation isn't being emitted. So where does the tweak AirplaneScheduler come into play? Quite simply, this tweak makes it possible to schedule the times during which your iPhone enters Airplane Mode automatically.

Give Yourself an App Intervention With AppCap [Jailbreak]

Are you spending too much time on your iPhone? Or are you addicted to a certain app? A new jailbreak tweak can help! Give yourself an app intervention by downloading AppCap. The jailbreak tweak allows you to limit your app usage by time of day, day of the week, or by frequency. Too bad it doesn't have a built-in breathalyzer to keep you from making stupid posts on Facebook and Twitter while drunk. That would probably me more helpful!

Jailbreak Tweaks

The tweak is free to download from the ModMyi repo in Cydia. Once installed, users can navigate to their Settings panel to set restrictions on how many times they can use an app. You can restrict your app usage by numbers of launches (up to 6), or by time of day to keep yourself from playing Angry Birds while at work. You can also avoid costly data overages by setting an app to only work when you're on Wi-Fi connection. There are two options on how to limit yourself; you can set up a pop-up reminder or have AppCap disable the launch altogether. Of course you can cheat by just turning AppCap off, but it might stop you from checking FlipBoard every 20-seconds.


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