Quickly Access Settings on the iPhone Lock Screen

Unlocking the iPhone, navigating to Settings and burrowing down into several menus just to switch something off can waste a lot of time. Developer Samball has released the jailbreak tweak LockscreenToggles to circumvent the entire process, making settings toggles accessible directly from the lock screen.

Lockscreentoggles tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed, LockscreenToggles has no settings to configure, simply swipe left on the lock screen clock to reveal five toggles. To see the rest of the toggles, swipe down. Toggles can be rearranged by dragging and the top 5 in the list are the ones that will appear in the horizontal bar at the top. Tapping a toggle will switch the setting ON or OFF.

Complete Safari Search Queries on the iPhone

Ever notice when Mobile Safari gives you suggestions to complete a search query that tapping them initiates the search immediately? Other browsers such as Google Chrome don't have the same behavior, the search query can be completed and reviewed before actually searching. Now thanks to the iOS jailbreak tweak Platinum, Safari can complete search queries, too.

Platinum tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed from the Cydia app store, Platinum has no options or settings to configure. The tweak simply adds circular blue arrow buttons to the right of auto-complete suggestions when typing in a Safari query. To complete the words in the query field with one of the suggestions, tap the blue button. If you prefer to initiate the search immediately then touch the words themselves.

Turn Off iPhone Radios from the Lock Screen

Many iPhone users like to switch Airplane Mode on either for peace and quiet or to reduce exposure to radio signals at night. Bringing your iOS device on an airplane will require that the radios be switched off during takeoff and landing. Thanks to the simple, free jailbreak tweak LockScreenAirPlaneMode this process is easy and quick.

LockScreenAirplaneMode tweak Cydia iOS

If you use Airplane Mode often, you already know that switching it ON or OFF means unlocking your device and navigating to Settings. WIth LockScreenAirplaneMode installed from Cydia, the process is easy as long pressing an airplane icon directly on the lock screen.

Force the iOS Calculator Into Landscape Mode

Flipping between landscape and portrait mode on the iPhone can be useful, or it can be detrimental to getting things done. Locking the screen orientation in iOS is a simple proposition, however there are some apps where one mode is almost always better than the other. So why not automatically switch when needed?

Landscapecalc tweak Cydia iOS

Using the stock iOS calculator in landscape mode provides many scientific functions beyond the extremely simple portrait mode numerical calculator. If you're interested in only using the scientific calculator the tweak LandscapeCalc will automatically switch the calculator app into this mode. Once installed on a jailbroken iOS device, there are no settings to configure.

Get a Stylish Battery Status Icon for iOS

Some of the best jailbreak tweaks provide useful information in a sleek and stylish manner, improving on stock iOS features. One such tweak is Live Battery Indicator, which merges the best of both worlds when it comes to showing battery life remaining. Not only will the new status bar icon displayed by this tweak show current battery percentage, but it will graphically show how much power is left.

Live Battery Indicator tweak Cydia iOS

A simple circle surrounding the percentage indicates this value visually, so as the battery power is depleted the circle indicates life remaining. When battery life is low, the circle will be proportionally dark to indicate that charging is needed. Unlike the stock iOS battery icon with percentage turned on, Live Battery Indicator is compact, saving space and displaying information efficiently.


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