iPhone AutoResponder Sends Automatic Message Replies

Now the iPhone can be your personal assistant, responding to messages automatically. This time we're not talking about Siri - it's AutoResponder 2 for iOS 6. This jailbreak tweak allows you to set an auto response to any incoming SMS text message or iMessage. To celebrate its launch, the tweak is currently on sale for half price on Cydia.

AutoResponder 2 jailbreak tweak iOS

AutoResponder has a configurable whitelist that can ensure that specific contacts always get a personalized message. Everyone else will automatically receive the auto response message you choose to send while AutoResponder is enabled.

2x2 Folder Icons Mods the iOS Home Screen

Let's face it, some jailbreak tweaks are purely cosmetic. Whether you like to change things around because it looks cleaner, feels cooler or it's simply different, there are plenty of home screen mods to go around. One tweak makes a basic change to the look of folder icons on your jailbroken iOS device. Normally iOS folders show a 3x3 grid of app icon thumbnails when there are 9 or more apps inside.

2x2 Folder Icons jailbreak tweak iOS

The tweak 2x2 Folder Icons does exactly what it sounds like it does. Every folder on your iOS device that has more than four apps inside will display a 2x2 grid of icon thumbnails. This results in a clean, fresh look on the iOS home screen, with plenty of space around the edges of folders.

Keep More iPhone Apps in Folders with Infinifolders

Sometimes an iPhone jailbreak tweak feels like it should've been a part of iOS all along. This is the case with InfiniDock, which flawlessly adds additional icons to the home screen dock. Infinifolders is no different, allowing iOS users to put as many app icons into a folder as they like.

Infinifolders tweak iOS 6

If you haven't noticed, Apple limits the maximum number of icons that can be stored in a folder on the iOS home screen to 16. For those with jailbroken devices, this limit simply does not exist. Infinifolders not only makes it possible to add more icons, but the tweak provides options to customize its behavior.

More iPhone Tweaks: Extend the iOS Dock With InfiniDock

The iOS app dock keeps four icons at the bottom of the home screen at all times. This provides easy access to your most frequently used apps. InfiniDock, another great jailbreak tweak from chpwn, expands the capabilities of the iOS dock, making it possible to add more apps to the dock and scroll through them left to right.

InfiniDock tweak Cydia

There are several options available to make InfiniDock behave in different ways. For one, you can add many extra icons to the dock. Although this won't appeal to everyone, up to 10 app icons can be displayed on the dock at once. Another way to increase the number of icons is to simply add icons to the dock without changing the number displayed from four.

Shortcut to the Flashlight on iPhone with SpringFlash

Tweaks like NCSettings and Auxo are great because they provide quick access to a variety of toggles on the iPhone. One of these is the flashlight toggle, which easily turns on and off the LED flash on the back of the device. Thing is, with both of these methods you're still fumbling around in the dark preforming several steps to get to the flash toggle before you can even turn it on.

iPhone flashlight shortcut

With the free tweak SpringFlash, you can assign any Activator action to the flash, making your iPhone a flashlight on demand. Once installed, SpringFlash defaults to using a double-press of the sleep/wake button as a flashlight on/off switch.


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