Give the iPhone Desktop File Power with iFile

Normally iOS limits the interaction users can have with the filesystem. This has its pros and cons, but if you’re trying to download and unzip a file it’s definitely a con. The iFile package from Cydia provides desktop-style file system access on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iFile tweak Cydia iOS

iFile opens up your jailbroken iOS device’s files, so you can manage and customize everything much like the Finder does on a Mac. Several file types can be quickly viewed, and zip archives can be created and decompressed.

Readr Expands iOS Read Later Options

One of the interesting features in iOS 6 is the built-in Reading List in Safari. Say there’s an article you’d like to read, but can’t get to it at the moment. You can save the text to your iPhone by tapping the share button in Safari and selecting Add to Reading List.

Readr tweak Cydia iOS

Not only can you read later with the Reading List, but it can sync with iCloud to your other iOS devices or a Mac desktop. But what if you want to use another read later service besides the default iOS Reading List? That’s where the Readr tweak comes into play.

Manage Mobile Safari Downloads on iOS

Thanks to the jailbreak tweak Safari Download Manager, your iPhone can download files more like a desktop web browser. Once installed, the tweak adds a highly-configurable download manager to the mobile Safari app.

iOS tweak Safari Download Manager Cydia

Almost any type of file can be downloaded with Safari Download Manager. The destination folder can be chosen, and up to 10 files can be downloaded simultaneously in the queue. Your current downloads will be displayed with a status bar showing the current transfer speed, file size and percentage complete.

Customize Every Aspect of iOS with Springtomize 2

Some iPhone jailbreak tweaks are classics. These are must-have tweaks that provide powerful features and have been updated by the developers across multiple versions of iOS. Springtomize 2 is one of these tweaks, bringing total customization to iOS 5 and 6.

iOS tweak Cydia Springtomize 2

The Springboard manages the iOS home screen, and Springtomize makes it possible to modify even minor aspects of how your device looks and behaves. Once installed, Settings -> Springtomize contains almost every home screen modification you could imagine.

Turn on the iPhone Flash in Panorama Mode

Ever try to take a panoramic photo with the iPhone in a low-light situation? Not only does the image appear dark, but the panorama itself is prone to blurriness and stitching problems. Although the Camera app in iOS makes it easy to record the panorama, there's no option to turn on the flash.

Flashorama tweak Cydia iOS

Luckily if you have a jailbroken device you can add this feature with the Flashorama tweak. Not only does this mod have a great name, it adds the standard camera flash button to panorama mode. After installation, tapping Options -> Panorama in the Camera app will display the flash on/off button in the upper left hand corner. You can switch the flash on before starting to record your panoramic photo.


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