Set iPhone Alarms Faster with PadClock

The date picker wheels in iOS may look pretty, but when it comes to setting an alarm in the Clock app they can really slow things down. Scrolling to the correct hour and minute, then picking AM or PM is not the simplest or easiest way to set an alarm. PadClock changes all of this for those with jailbroken devices.

PadClock tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed, the tweak has no options to configure. PadClock does just one thing that will save anyone who frequently uses iPhone alarms a bunch of time. Instead of date picker wheels, when entering the alarm time a numerical keypad is provided. The time is directly entered using the keypad, then the AM, PM or 24 button is selected.

Add Android Gestures to the iPhone Contacts App

Even Apple fans must admit there are some handy features included in Android. For example, there are several gestures that can be used to quickly call or email a contact on an Android phone. With iOS, iPhone users must open the Contacts app, tap the contact name, then select the phone number, email or Send Message button to communicate.

QuickGestures tweak Cydia iOS

When it comes to efficiency, the jailbreak tweak QuickGestures eliminates these extra steps, adding a more Android-like feel to the Contacts app. There are three gestures that can be assigned to contact names: swipe right, swipe left and long press. Each of these can be assigned to a different action.

How to Type Even Faster on the iPhone Keyboard

Looking for a way to improve typing on the iOS virtual keyboard? We've seen how the must-have jailbreak tweak SwipeSelection makes it easier to move the cursor when entering text. Now there's a new tweak in town that further improves the iPhone keyboard, known as AltKeyboard.

AltKeyboard tweak Cydia iOS

Those with jailbroken iPhones running iOS 6 or later can install AltKeyboard from Cydia to quickly type non-alphabetic characters or numbers, without tapping the "123" button. This means no more switching back and forth between keyboards just to enter a single number or question mark. AltKeyboard makes it possible to swipe up on the keys, which will type the alternate character pictured at the top of the key.

Add a Flash to the Front-Facing iPhone Camera

Wouldn't it be great if your front-facing camera on the iPhone had a flash? Granted, it's probably not something that's needed very often, but having the option is a plus. Now there's another way to add a front flash, with the appropriately named jailbreak tweak FrontFlash. After all, why should only the rear facing camera benefit from a flash in low light?

FrontFlash tweak iOS Cydia

Once installed, FrontFlash provides two options in settings, one to enable the tweak while shooting video and the other to enable during still photos. Let's face it, the front camera on the iPhone still leaves something to be desired when it comes to low light situations. In fact, most of the energy towards developing a quality image has gone into the rear facing camera overall.

Get a Louder Speakerphone with Volume Amplifier

The speakerphone on the iPhone 5 may have improved volume over previous models, but in some situations it's still not enough sound when you're trying to hear someone's voice. Luckily for those with a jailbroken iPhone 5 running iOS 6, there's a tweak called Volume Amplifier that boosts speaker or headphone volume beyond the normal 100 percent when calling.

Amplify Volume tweak iOS

Once installed, simply keep pressing the volume up button beyond the normal maximum and the sound will be increased up to 200 percent. Volume Amplifier has no settings to configure and will not install an application icon on the home screen. The tweak works by directly manipulating the audio stream to increase the sound level noticeably.


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