Shortcut to the Flashlight on iPhone with SpringFlash

Tweaks like NCSettings and Auxo are great because they provide quick access to a variety of toggles on the iPhone. One of these is the flashlight toggle, which easily turns on and off the LED flash on the back of the device. Thing is, with both of these methods you're still fumbling around in the dark preforming several steps to get to the flash toggle before you can even turn it on.

iPhone flashlight shortcut

With the free tweak SpringFlash, you can assign any Activator action to the flash, making your iPhone a flashlight on demand. Once installed, SpringFlash defaults to using a double-press of the sleep/wake button as a flashlight on/off switch.

Match Ambient Lighting on iPhone with F.lux Tweak

One of the strengths of the iPhone display is its brightness. This is great during the day, when you want to be able to see the screen as easily as possible. Night time is a different story. We've all seen smartphone users' faces illuminated in a bright, blue glow at night. Not only does it look strange, but this light can actually interfere with the body falling asleep.

F.lux tweak screen adjust

The developers of f.lux have a different idea, iPhone display lighting colors that actually match the time of day. They have released similar software for desktop computers, which automatically adjusts the color of your display. F.lux is smart enough to know when sunset occurs based on your location, so your iPhone adjusts without intervention.

Add Photos to iPhone Contacts with Cyntact

Let's face it, there are some features of Android that iOS could benefit from having. Seriously, why doesn't Apple show photos in the stock Contacts list? If this is a feature that interests you, now that the evasi0n jailbreak is available you can easily add this to your iPhone. Jay Freeman, the creator of the jailbreak app store Cydia, developed Cyntact years ago and has kept it updated.

Cyntact tweak iPhone

Once you install Cyntact, all of the photos associated with your contacts appear magically in the Contacts list. It's that simple. The photos will also appear in your Favorites. Sure, this tweak may not be essential, but it's a nice touch when you've spent the time to actually use photos on the Info pages of your contacts.

Barrel Adds Special Effects to iPhone Home Screen

Looking for a cool way to take advantage of your jailbroken iPhone? Although the tweak Barrel is completely cosmetic, it's an eye-catching customization to the stock home screen. Normally when you page through home screens full of icons, nothing interesting happens.

Barrel iPhone tweak

Barrel changes all this by offering a growing list of Icon Pages Styles, which are basically animations that take place to your home screen icons when swiping left or right. There are 21 different modes to choose from, not including Normal which turns off effects.

More iPhone Tweaks: Pull to Refresh Safari

We recently looked at an incredibly simple but effective tweak, Mail More Photos. Pull to Refresh Safari is another simple and free jailbreak tweak that could change your life. Well maybe not, but wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to press a little circular arrow icon to refresh?

pull to refresh Safari iPhone

This icon in the Safari address bar switches back and forth between an arrow and an X depending on whether or not a webpage is actively loading. Pressing this icon often results in Safari thinking you want to enter a new URL. All of this can be avoided with Pull to Refresh Safari.


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