Save Time with FastForward iOS Video Tweak

Do you watch hours of video on your iOS device, such as recordings of lectures or how-to instructions? You can actually save time and still see all of the important information with the FastForward tweak. Just as it sounds, FastForward makes it possible to watch video at a faster rate on jailbroken iOS devices.

FastForward tweak Cydia iOS

Once installed, you can select which apps to enable with FastForward and choose a playback speed. With a playback rate of 2.0, your videos will play at twice the normal speed and in half the time.

Take iOS Pictures Faster with QuickShoot

QuickShoot is one of those neat jailbreak tweaks that hides in plain sight, and performs a specific function to make your life easier. Sometimes taking a photo on the iPhone can involve too many steps. By the time you open the Camera app, adjust settings and snap a photo you could be missing the action.

QuickShoot tweak Cydia iOS

This is where QuickShoot steps in to streamline things. With QuickShoot installed, all you have to do is tap the Camera icon on the home screen once, and your iOS device will snap a picture. A red badge will appear with “…” signaling that your photo is in the process of being taken, and of course you’ll hear the shutter release sound.

Swipe iOS Browser Tabs Closed with SafariSwipez

Sure, maybe we would have come up with a different name. Regardless, SafariSwipez does exactly what it's meant to do. Closing extra Safari tabs can be troublesome, since you have to aim for and tap that little red 'X' in the corner. Yes it works, but there's a better way.

SafariSwipez tweak Safari gestures

With the SafariSwipez tweak installed on your jailbroken iOS device a simple swipe up or down accomplishes the same thing. One-finger swipes are versatile, quick, and in this case implemented in a place where the gesture improves the experience. After all, you're already swiping left and right to switch tabs, why not up or down to close?

More iPhone Tweaks: Animer Mods Animation Styles

Add animations to the list of customizable iOS features thanks to the evasi0n jailbreak. Animer is a tweak that provides a variety of different options for everyday events that occur on your iOS device. Accessible from the settings, Animer provides Notification Banners, Alerts, and the Multitasking Switcher with customizable behavior.

Animer jailbreak tweak iOS

For example, when it comes to banners, Animer lets you decide from which direction you want the banner to come from and provides fade and zoom animation options. Everything can be tested right in the settings and the animation speed is also customizable with a slider.

Map iPhone Cell Towers With the Signal App

If you're the kind of iPhone owner who likes as much technical information as possible, or you're just looking to improve your cellular signal, there's an app for that. Signal 2 is now available for jailbroken iOS 6 devices from developer planetbeing. The app offers maps of the closest cell towers and those that are actively communicating with your iPhone.

Signal 2 jailbreak app iOS

Detailed information is displayed from the cellular baseband, including signal strength, signal quality and the frequencies each cell tower is using to broadcast. Neighboring towers are also detailed, and the mapping can help you figure out where to move if your current signal is weak.


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