iGoogle No Longer Optimized for iPhone

iPhone owners using iGoogle as of late will find that the site has changed its look. In fact, the iGoogle address formerly devoted to the iPhone now redirects to a standard Google mobile website. Why did Google opt to remove what was arguably the superior interface, and replace it with a site that is more difficult to use and has less features?

Bluetooth File Transfer on the iPhone Coming Soon

The crippling of Bluetooth functionality on the iPhone is another one of life's mysteries. As users are painfully aware, the only thing Bluetooth is capable of doing in firmware 2.2 is connecting to a wireless headset. Fortunately for those with jailbroken devices it appears that all of this is about to change.

iphone bluetooth

The iSpazio Repository will soon host software from the iBluetooth project allowing users to unlock Bluetooth on the iPhone and transfer files using a computer or another Bluetooth-enabled phone. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The Bluesn0w project promises to allow developers full access to Bluetooth on the iPhone.

iPhone Nano Rumors Officially Dead

Much speculation has surrounded the prospect of a smaller, simpler version of the iPhone dubbed the "nano" in recent months. Lately reports have centered on the possibility of an iPhone Nano in development for China, and the existence on some case maker's sites of "nano" size iPhone products.

These rumors were tamped down in October during Apple's quarterly conference call with Steve Jobs, when he laid out Apple's strategy in the mobile phone market. Jobs was quoted saying, "I think that the traditional game in the phone market has been to produce a voice phone in a hundred different varieties, but as software starts to become the differentiating technology of this product category, I think that people are going to find that a hundred variations presented to a software developer is not very enticing."

iPhone Copy and Paste App Clippy Now Available

One of the top complaints about the iPhone is the lack of cut and paste functionality. Now those who have jailbroken their devices can fix this problem with a new app called Clippy. Any user-editable text can be selected and copied to a clipboard, then pasted into another application.

clippy app iphone ispazio

This beta version by Ryan Petrich is easily accessible using the number keyboard. After pressing the "123" button simply hit the "copy" button. Proceed to select the text you wish to copy with the magnifying glass (selected text will be highlighted). Hit "copy" again to copy the text to the clipboard. Move to the application you'd like to paste the text into and click "paste". It's that simple.

Macworld Expo 2009: A Bust For iPhone Users

Philip Schiller, senior vice president for worldwide marketing, gave Apple's keynote address at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco yesterday. Apple's stock (AAPL) gained $10 to peak at $97 in a wave of excitement over the affair, but has since lost roughly $6. This may reflect disappointment over the lack of groundbreaking announcements at the event.


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