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Free iPhone Games: Stupid Zombies 2 - Fun Physics Puzzler

Stupid Zombies 2 by GameResort LLC is currently free for the iPhone and iPad. This is the full ad-free version, not the normal preview version offered in the App Store. The game will only be free for a limited time until it returns to its normal $0.99 price, so grab it now while you have the chance.

Free iPhone Zombie Games

The sequel to the popular physics puzzler game features 500 new levels, and the option to choose between a male and female hero character. The game is a simple physics shooter where you must destroy stupid zombies with your laser guided shotgun. Like any physics puzzler, Stupid Zombies offers hours of addictive and sometimes frustrating fun. You can earn extra points by getting headshots, and must earn stars to unlock the various levels. There are plenty of different zombies to kill, and lots of challenging scenarios that will keep you busy.

Endless Road Now Free for the iPhone and iPad

Endless Road from Chillingo Ltd is now free for a limited time. The driving game is a sleek looking endless runner where players must drive for their lives to avoid the crumbling road behind them. Like most endless runner games, players must avoid various obstacles while collecting coins, and power-ups. The coins can then be used in the "garage" to buy upgrades and new cars.

Free iPhone Games

Endless Road avoids being another run of the mill endless runners thanks to its isometric landscapes, clean looking graphics, and fun soundtrack. The game also features leader board support, 48 unique challenges, and the ability to compete with Facebook friends in weekly tournaments. There are also plenty of power-ups, weapons and maps to unlock to keep you busy.

JED-GO Untouchable Free For a Limited Time: Download Cowboy vs. Zombies Instead

JED-GO Untouchable from JED GAMES is currently free through the Apple App Store, but so is the classic iOS game Cowboy vs. Zombies. Both games are simplistic shooters where players must defend themselves from waves of zombies. In JED-GO the player is tasked with defending three tiers of artificial brains from various alien created monsters. The game features plenty of upgrades, weapons and 48 different levels through four different scenarios (Desert Encounter, Toxic Sewage, Mutation Plant and Space Invasion). However, you'll probably get bored of the game before you have a chance to buy anything cool (like a pet dragon), or get to the Toxic Sewage stage.


JED-GO Untouchable defiantly tries to be interesting with its various over-the-top upgrades and creatures, but its tedious gameplay will bore older players. The game is more suited for children than gamers looking for a fun and simple zombie shooter to pass the time. Cowboy vs. Zombies may be less creative than JED-GO, but it offers a more challenging gaming experience.

Dungelot Free for a Limited Time [Free iPhone Games]

The popular roguelikes game Dungelot is free for a limited time. Dungelot is kind of like Mindesweeper, but with a twist. Players must navigate dungeons by flipping over tiles to uncover treasure, and to find the golden key that unlocks the next level. The game also features an RPG element with turn-based battles, and the ability to collect weapons, spells and other helpful items. There are 5 different heroes to unlock with 15 different abilities to upgrade, and plenty of fun, cartoon monsters to fight. The game also offers leaderboard support and achievements.

Free iPhone Games

The game has decent reviews, but I found it to be a little tedious, and it doesn't offer much in the strategy department. You basically just flip tiles and hope your health doesn't run out before you find the key. If you do die, you lose everything and must start over. The game is fine for a free download if you have few minutes to kill, but I wouldn't recommend paying for it.

Some Users Not Happy With EA's Real Racing 3 In-App Purchases

Electronic Arts' Real Racing 3 is a great example of how advanced iOS games have the potential to be, but it's also an example of in-app purchases working very badly. Instead of charging players a one-time price to download the game, RR3 is a free download from the App Store.

Free iPhone Games

While "free" is normally a good thing, user complaints have been piling up about the in-game store in which you need to spend virtual money to do almost anything. Users must earn or buy virtual dollars with real money to service their car, change its skin, or buy new cars. There are other options, like waiting up to five minutes for an oil change, but users say this breaks up gameplay and ruins the overall experience.


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