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Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Confirmed for iPhone and Android Devices

Before announcing its new World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor at Blizzcon 2013, Blizzard revealed that its free-to-play card game Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft will also be available on the iPhone and Android devices. The game was originally only expected to land on Windows, Mac and the iPad. The mobile version will launch after the desktop version sometime in Q2 of next year.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft iPhone

Hearthstone is a Magic: The Gathering-like digital collectible card game where players can battle as one of nine Warcraft heroes. Players will be able to earn free cards while playing the game, and will also be able to purchase additional card packs as in-app purchases, or by using their balance.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Now Free for iOS and Android Devices

Disney Mobile has teamed up with NimbleBit to bring the classic business simulation video game Tiny Tower to the Star Wars universe, and the result is the awesome Star Wars: Tiny Death Star! Players must help the Empire build the Death Star through the "power of commerce" by employing Galactic bitizens to work at intergalactic businesses. Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader will oversee your progress while you "fund the Empire’s evil schemes to defeat the Rebels and conquer the galaxy once and for all!"

Star Wars Games

You can build over 80 types of Star Wars themed residential and commercial floors, and employ over 30 unique species, including Wookiees and Ewoks, to work at businesses like the Cloud City Spa. Like any freemium title, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star does feature in-app purchases, and requires a certain amount of waiting around for construction of individual floors to be completed. You can of course speed up this process by spending in-game money called "Imperial Bux," which for sale through the game's in-app store. You can also spend Imperial Bux on new costumes for your citizens and to unlock VIPs and other fun Star Wars characters.

Free iPhone Games: City Ninja Runner and Barry Woods

City Ninja is now free for a limited time on the App Store. The game is an endless runner with a story mode that includes 8 levels and 3 boss fights. Players must use their ninja skills to dodge obstacles and fight enimies while trying to locate a stolen diamond. The game features several different side-scrolling levels, various weapons/special abilities and the ability to upgrade your ninja.

Free iPhone Games

Game developer X-Com has also released Barry Woods to the App Store for free. It is puzzle a game where your goal is to knock down all the kegels before taking down the "king". The physics-driven game is based on the classic Swedish lawn game Kubb, and it is a lot like Angry Birds and Crush the Castle.

D&D: Arena of War Now Available on the Apple App Store

The first free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons mobile game is now available for iOS devices. D&D: Arena of War is a 3D battle RPG that takes place in the Forgotten Realms of the D&D universe. Players can create and build their own warrior to "fight on behalf of good against the adversaries of evil."

D&D: Arena of War

The game features ten character classes like Elf Bard and Tiefling Rogue to choose from. You can also unlock future character classes as you advance in the game. Each character can be customized with different clothing, skin color and hundreds of powers that can be combined to create deadlier attacks later on. Players can team up with other players to complete quests, and can earn daily rewards for just logging in.

Pre-Order Your Angry Birds Go! Telepods Now to Get a Head Start in October

Rovio Entertainment has built a whole new game from the ground up for the Angry Birds universe. Angry Birds Go! will be available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 on December 11, 2013, but Rovio is also releasing a special "countdown app" at the end of October. The app will allow Angry Birds Go! telepod owners to get a head start on the game.

Angry Birds Go! Telepods

Angry Birds fans or collectors who can't wait until December 11 can order their Go! telepods now, and use them along with the countdown app at the end of this month. The Go! telepods work just like the Angry Birds Star Wars 2 telepods released in September.


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