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Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 Now Available [Free iPhone Games]

Glu Games has released the follow-up to its popular iOS and Android game Samurai vs Zombies Defense. The sequel offers the same side-scrolling zombie slicing action as the original, plus a variety of new features. Users can now buy/unlock multiple heroes, new upgrades and even compete in multiplayer modes. You can also attempt to complete a "Daily Challenge" to earn new prizes each day.

Free iPhone Games

The game is still free to download, and features the same pop-up ads, in-app purchases, and gem system as the original. Hopefully you can still earn free gems from playing the game, and not by only completing surveys. There is also an unlockable "Sorceress" character for $59.99!?!

You Can Add ShaqDown to the Growing List of Bad Shaquille O'Neal Video Games

In case you didn't get your fill of Shaquille O'Neal inspired video games in the 90s, developer One Spear Entertainment thought it was a great idea to release a new O'Neal game for iOS devices. ShaqDown was released earlier this year, but it's free this week thanks to the Free App Alliance. Normally the FAA is a great thing, but helping ShaqDown get more exposure is not being helpful at all. Okay, maybe I'm being a little harsh, but people are still healing from the scars of Shaq Fu almost 19 years later, and ShaqDown is only reopening old wounds.

Infinity Blade free limited time

ShaqDown isn't as nearly as horrible as Shaq Fu, but it's not worth downloading either... Not even for free. It's basically a side scrolling Temple Run-type game where you jump around to avoid zombies. You can perform certain moves like uppercuts and body slams, but it's not enough to breakup the tedious game play. ShaqDown is one of those simple games where you keep messing up because you can't stop zoning out. The game's frustrating swipe gesture controls will also make you want to smash your device more than once, and it needs to reload every time you die.

Download Infinity Blade Free for a Limited Time

One of the top rated games ever created for iOS is now available for free. Infinity Blade has won several awards, including the 2011 Apple Design Award. The app is the first mobile game to be powered by the Unreal Engine 3, taking the graphics to a new level.

Infinity Blade free limited time

If you haven't played Infinity Blade yet, the game uses touch screen gestures to battle opponents with a variety of weapons and magic rings. Gameplay involves building up the attributes of your character as well as accumulating credits to purchase better weapons.

Popular Puzzle Game Geared 2 Free for a Limited Time

The sequel to the popular puzzle game Geared is now free to download for a limited time. The physics based gear game features 500 levels, with 440 of them being user submitted puzzles. The sequel also brings several new gears such as the "Ghost Gear," and features the same fun and addictive game play as the original. In Geared 2, users must move various gears into the proper position, to power the blue gears in an attempt to free a hamster. The game play is simple and doesn't feature a restrictive snap-grip found in other puzzle type games, thus giving players more freedom to find solutions.

Free iPhone Games

Middle Manager of Justice Gets Valentine's Day Update

If you're like me and ignore all app updates, or delete games if they're not updated every 20 seconds, you'll want to check your Middle Manager of Justice app. The new game from Double Fine Productions has received its first and much needed update. Version 1.1.0 brings a Valentine's Day mystery that you must solve in 29 days, new items to buy (Grass-fed Yak!) and a new mystery hero. The new version also fixes a few bugs, adds some new villains and achievements, and offers better iCloud support.

Free iPhone Games

I wish the update brought more customization for your office building, and more costumes, but I'll take this for now. Hopefully the Double Fine Productions team has many more updates planned for the future.


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