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E.T. Phones Home on the iPad and iPhone [Free iPhone Games]

In celebration of E.T.'s 30th anniversary, Universal Pictures and Chillingo Ltd have released a brand new iOS game called The Green Planet. The app is basically a farming sim game where users must help E.T. save his dying planet by planting gardens and breeding new plants. Of course this means there is a lot of waiting around for things to grow and in-app purchases to buy cooler plants and decorations. However, the game looks amazing on the iPhone and is pretty addictive if you enjoy sim-type games. E.T. The Green Planet is free to download for both the iPhone and iPad via the App Store.

Free iPhone Games

Universal also released an Anniversary Edition Combo Pack of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial a few days ago. There was also supposed to be an Amazon exclusive E.T. Spaceship w/ BD Combo Pack available, but it hasn't materialized yet. Check out the trailers for E.T. The Green Planet and the Anniversary Blu-ray combo pack below.

Kingdom Rush for the iPhone is Free for a Limited Time! [Tower Defense]

Kingdom Rush is free to download for one week starting today, September 19. This is one of the best tower defense games ever made, and I can't recommend it highly enough! In Kingdom Rush you must use 8 specialized towers with 18 tower abilities to defeat over 45 different enemies on many different levels. The fun achievements, challenging levels and extra game modes make this one of the most addicting action fantasy defense games I have ever played!

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Unlike other tower defense games, Kingdom Rush requires much more strategy than placing turrets and upgrading them. You must select the best combination of units and special abilities that will give you the greatest chance of defeating the many different enemies and their special powers. Kingdom Rush also requires good timing, and allows you to interact with your environment. It is one of the few games where you will want to conquer every level of difficulty and finish every achievement. Not only is the game fun and challenging, but the graphics are great, the sound effects are fun, and it offers repeat playability.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense 3.0 Adds Zombies Rising Mode

The popular iOS game Samurai vs Zombies has added an all-new Zombies Rising game mode. Players can now play as the Zombies against their former allies the Samurai.

Samurai vs Zombies is a side-scrolling defense game where players must defend their samurai village against zombie waves. Players can use a combination of their main samurai warrior, towers, magic and allies to defeat the undead.

Free iPhone Zombie Games

You can choose up to six upgradeable allies, two magic spells and one charm before each wave. You then collect points to release your allies in waves to confront the zombie onslaught. You can also use your main samurai warrior to battle the undead, and build towers to defend your village. The game is over when your main warrior dies or your village is destroyed.

Celebrate the Olympic Games by Downloading Goal Defense for Free [Tower Defense]

The $0.99 Tower Defense game Goal Defense is available for free for a limited time in celebration of the upcoming Olympic Games in London. Goal Defense is a simple hex-based Tower Defense game for the iPhone and iPad. It features 40 challenging levels, fun animations and plenty of upgrades and bonuses.

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In Goal Defense you must train a team of random athletes to defend the Golden Bowl trophy from waves of muscle-bound jocks. The game follows most of the basic Tower Defense staples, but its fun cartoonish play separates it from other boring TD rehashes. The game is simple to play, just drag your players onto the field to stop the oncoming waves of enimies from getting to the trophy. You can upgrade and sell your players by tapping them, and use click and drag bonus weapons to save your butt when a jock slips by your defense. The controls may be simple, but the game does get increasingly difficult and trickier as you advance. For example, on level six small vans begin dropping off players closer to the target making it more difficult to build a solid defense.

Download Zombie Burst for Free and Start Squishing Undead Brains

If you love zombies and The Kids in the Hall, you'll want to act quick and download Zombie Burst from the App Store today! CatFoster Media is offering the game for free until midnight.

Free iPhone Games

In Zombie Burst, you must squish zombie heads like pimples to escape Chicago after a vicious zombie infection has taken over the city. The game is simple to play, just use a pinching motion to pop the zombies' heads, and a swiping motion to wipe away their brain goo so you can see. The controls are a little hard on the iPhone's smaller screen, but you'll eventually get used to them. I found a vertical pinching motion worked better than a horizontal pinch, especially during the third movie theater level.


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