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Play the Free Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Game Before You See it in Theaters

AlKal Media has released the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The free app is based on the Tim Burton produced movie opening in theaters on June 22nd. The game pits you against terrifying creatures of the night as you battle through multiple vampire laden levels including Bart’s Dock, the Oval Office and the Plantation Ballroom.

Free iPhone Games

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter the movie is based on the best-selling book by Seth Grahame-Smith. It follows Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States as he tries to stop vampires from taking over the country. The film stars Benjamin Walker as Lincoln and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mary Todd Lincoln.

Download the Free Hunger Games iPhone App Before You See the Movie

Help Katniss defeat The Capitol with the new Hunger Games app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Girl on Fire is a teaser game from Lionsgate that pits you against Capitol hovercrafts and tracker jackers as you help Katniss Everdeen find her way home.

iPhone Games

The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire game is free from the iTunes App Store. It requires iOS 5.0 or later. Check out the teaser trailer below, and don't forget to check out The Hunger Games in theaters everywhere on March 23.

iPhone Game of the Week: Baseball Superstars 2012

Baseball Superstars 2012 is an anime RPG that involves America's favorite pastime (think Madden meets Pokemon). There are seven different modes that allow you to build players, teams or just play exhibition games. In "My Batter" mode you can customize and build a player starting from his rookie year by buying upgrades, and even taking him to the mall for some R&R. Along the way you will meet a variety of goofy anime characters who will help you build charisma and teach you lessons. All these things are required to improve your skills so you can become a baseball superstar.

iPhone Game of the Week

The baseball part of the game is simple but still involved. You can control your hitters, pitchers and base runners depending on the game mode you've selected. Swinging the bat is as simple as tapping a button, but actually hitting the ball is another story. Especially when you are up against tougher anime pitchers who throw fireballs and other various crazy pitches. Pitching requires various swipe motions to throw curveballs and sliders. In "My Team" mode you can play all the innings and control both the hitting a pitching. In "My Batter" or "My Pitcher" you only control the player you're building.

Order Up!! To Go is a Fun and Addictive Free iPhone Game

Order Up!! To Go is an addictive management game which allows you to build your own restaurant empire. Like most cooking games you must plan your menu, manage your money and cook your customer's favorite dishes in a timely manner. Before each round you must stock your kitchen with the right amount of food and spices to serve all your customers for that day. The tricky part is you don't know what your customers will order, or how they will want their food prepared. The idea is not to overstock your restaurant while having enough food on hand to feed everyone. Failing to do so will result in wasted or low profits which you will need for upgrades and to hire help in the future.

Free iPhone Games

Order Up isn't all planning menus and buying spices, you must use various swiping motions to chop, stir and cut ingredients to prepare various dishes for your customers. The controls are slightly more challenging than other click and point management games, but thankfully they don't muck up the experience.

Free iPhone Games: Fantasy Defense HD

Fantasy Defense HD is a classic Tower Defense game with RPG like elements and an anime art style. You must use a combination of loyal fighters and skilled mages to defend your kingdom from various waves of enemies. What separates this game from most Tower Defense games is the ability to buy items and upgrade your towers between levels. There are also various items like gems and treasure chests that you can bust open for bonuses during gameplay.

Free iPhone Games

I gave the game a quick whirl and the first few levels are terribly easy, however, there is a lot to learn. Perhaps the game is structured that way to give you time to figure out how to use the many abilities and upgrades before it gets harder. Fantasy Defense HD has 5 different environments with 10 levels each, adding up to 50 different boards to play. There are also different game modes like "Infinity Mode" adding even more playability. The Record Board keeps track of your high scores, but doesn't offer any achievements.


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