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Puzzle Breaker for iOS Adds a Fun RPG Twist to the Match-Three Puzzle Genre

Match-three games like Candy Crush are a dime a dozen, but Puzzle Breaker for iOS features a fun twist that separates it from the rest of the clones available on the App Store. Instead of trying to earn points and beat a timer, players must match weapon tiles to defeat monsters in a turn-based battle to the death. Here's how it works:

Puzzle Breaker for iOS

The game is played like most match-three titles. It features a board filled with differently colored tiles which players must swap horizontally or vertically to make sets of three or more of the same color. Each time a player makes a match it results in an attack on their opponent. Players can also move titles as many times as they want without making a match, however, this uses up precious turns which gives an opponent more time to counter attack. Instead of a beating a timer or a completing a certain objective, players win by reducing their opponent's health to zero. A player loses when they themselves run out of health.

OMG: TD Update Brings New Ice World and Two New Gods

OMG: TD fans who have their app updates set to automatic, or just don't check them that often, should check them today. Yodo1 Games has released OMG: TD version 1.0.6 featuring 7 brand new ice levels. The update also brings a new boss, Typhon, and two new gods, Dionysus and Athena.

OMG TD Ice World

The new levels are not easy and feature new enemies such as the Black Sheep, who can jump over your hero and Hades' ghosts. Other new enemies include Battle Frost Dragons, Snow Bros, Emperor Penguins and Ice Snails. But don't worry, you also have two new inventions, the "mine cart" and "freeze," to help you along the way.

AND that's NOT all!

Clash of Clans Follow-Up Boom Beach Arrives One Day Early

Supercell's follow-up to the hit mobile game Clash of Clans has landed on the Apple App Store one day early. The freemium title Boom Beach is another combat strategy game where players can invade the paradise islands of the evil Blackguard.

Boom Beach

The game, which was originally launched on the Canadian App Store, has been receiving mostly positive reviews from users, and early reports indicate it can be enjoyed without spending money on in-app purchases. In the game, players can explore a huge tropical archipelago full of treasure, and attack hundreds of unique island bases while building their own expeditionary force or warriors. Boom Beach also features boss battles and the ability to thousands of other players' bases.

Crooz Releases Free to Play Racing Game for iOS Devices

ACR Drift is a new free-to-play racing game from developer Crooz Inc.. Players can earn money to buy and customize over 50 world famous cars such as the Bugatti Veyron , Pagani Zonda Cinque, Bentley Continental GT and more. The game also features a wide selection of courses around the world, detailed graphics and reflection mapping technology that displays the cityscape and landscape on each car body.


The controls in ACR Drift are very, very simple. You just swipe left or right to drift or change lanes, and swipe up to use a nitro boost. The only real difficult part is timing your swipes to drift at the correct moment. The most annoying part of the game is that the load times between races can actually be longer than the races themselves. I only gave the game a quick spin so it is unclear if it eventually requires in-app purchases to continue play like other freemium titles.

iOS App of the Week: NASCAR Manager

In celebration of NASCAR 2014 ETX Racing has released NASCAR Manager for iOS, Android and Amazon devices. The free-to-play racing game is an officially licensed NASCAR title that challenges fans to maintain their vehicle, team and tactics on the road to the Sprint Cup Championship.

NASCAR Manager

NASCAR Manager is a strategy game that allows players to unlock sponsorships from real life manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford, and it offers the ability to customize your own vehicle so you can get an edge on the competition. The game features two game modes (Career and Season mode) and the ability to participate in Speedweek Challenges. The game also includes HD graphics, an easy to navigate interface, and official drivers, tracks and cars.


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