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More Reports of Delayed iPhone 5 Launch

AppleInsider predicts that Apple could wait until October or later to release the fifth-generation iPhone. Apparently the company has not ordered any parts for the iPhone 5 yet, making a summer launch unlikely. According to the report, the iPhone 5 will launch during the first half of Apple's 2012 fiscal year, which starts at the end of September.

Apple WWDC 2011 iPhone 5 delay

Putting off the iPhone 5 until after the holiday retail season could cost Apple sales during a season when consumers are typically anxious to spend money on new gadgets. Rumors of a September iPhone 5 launch surfaced previously, however the iPad 2 did not get released over the summer as some had anticipated.

T-Mobile iPhone Not Coming Soon, Despite AT&T Deal

Rumors of an iPhone on T-Mobile are nothing new. The recent agreement between AT&T and parent company Deutsche Telekom may have excited some T-Mobile customers looking to score an iPhone 4. After all, the $39 billion acquisition would form the largest wireless carrier in the US.

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Not so fast. Assuming the deal is approved by regulators, the merger would take 12 months. Until the merger is complete T-Mobile will operate as an independent company and has expressly stated it has no plans to offer the iPhone. So what will happen after the merger is complete?

Will the White iPhone 4 Ever Launch?

Things are not looking good for the mysteriously absent white iPhone 4. With the Verizon iPhone launch six months after the iPhone 4 first became available and an iPhone 5 announcement looming, will Apple even bother? Since the first white iPhone 4 pre-orders were cancelled, the release date for the white iPhone 4 has been moved forward several times.

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The latest we heard from Apple was the white iPhone 4 was coming in Spring. The season officially starts in just two weeks and Apple has been silent on the issue. Another white device has dominated the news, with Apple announcing the iPad 2 will ship in white and black next week.

Verizon Reports Strong iPhone 4 Sales at Launch

According to the Wall Street Journal, short lines and quiet Verizon Wireless retail stores are misleading when it comes to iPhone 4 sales. Verizon CEO Daniel Mead responded to allegations that the iPhone 4 launch was a flop, explaining that it has outsold any other device release in Verizon Wireless history.

Apple iPhone 4 sales Verizon Wireless

Staggering the pre-order dates, a strong online sales focus, and wide availability at third party retailers such as Best Buy helped contribute to the small lines. Official sales numbers have not been released, but analysts put the figure of CDMA iPhone 4 units sold in the first pre-order round at half a million. Verizon's next quarterly report will include updates on actual sales quantities.

iPhone 5 Launch Delayed Until September?

Apple's product release schedule could be thrown for a loop this year. Reports indicate that component shortages and last-minute design changes to the iPhone 5 have pushed back the device launch until September. Not only this, but the iPad 2 looks like it will be hitting the market when the iPhone 5 was previously expected, in June or July.

apple iphone 4 verizon wireless CDMA

Fierce competition for limited supplies of key components is also to blame. Apple has a reputation for purchasing large amounts of components such as touch screens with its cash reserves, however the company is not immune to chip shortages. Apparently Apple also has yet to submit iPhone 5 chip orders to some vendors.


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