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Leaked Photos Show iPhone 4 Now Made in Brazil

The iPhone 4 has yet to officially launch in Brazil, but photos have already leaked of a locally-made 8 GB iPhone 4 hot off the assembly line. Foxconn has long been rumored to be starting production on the iPhone and iPad at a new factory in Brazil. Photos leaked on Brazilian site MacMagazine show an iPhone 4 with a unique model number and markings.

iPhone 4 made in Brazil

Also seen on the back of the iPhone is "Indústria Brasileira" instead of the typically seen "Assembled in China" tagline. Below this is the stamp of approval from the official Brazilian communications agency ANATEL. The version of iOS 5 installed on the iPhone describes the model number as "MD198BR" with the BR indicating Brazil.

Top Five iPhone 4S Problems, Issues and Complaints

The iPhone 4S may be Apple's next mobile masterpiece, but as with any technology things aren't always perfect when a new product is introduced into the wild. Several reports from users have pointed to a variety of problems with the iPhone 4S, although most of these should be resolved over time. It's the early adopters that take the brunt of launch week issues.

iPhone 4S early problems reported

Some would say it's a fair price to pay for getting the latest and greatest iPhone before anyone else. Regardless, Apple sold four million iPhone 4S units in the first weekend. Those who are waiting for the dust to settle might be interested in exactly what problems 4S owners are experiencing and how long they will linger. Here are the top 5 problems, issues and complaints revolving around the iPhone 4S launch.

Apple Offers Unlocked iPhone 4S for Pre-Order

For those iPhone lovers who hate two-year contracts Apple will be offering the iPhone 4S unlocked in the United States. The unlocked version is already available for pre-order on the Apple online store at unsubsidized, contract-free prices. Buyers can expect to pay a $450 premium above carrier discount prices to avoid a contract, making the iPhone 4S 16GB come in at $649 with free shipping.

iPhone 4S pre-order unlocked GSM

This puts the 32GB at $749 and the 64GB capacity model at $849. Of course the unlocked version comes in black or white, however it will only be compatible with GSM networks around the globe. This means that iPhone 4S users in the US will be limited to AT&T or T-Mobile as a choice of carriers. Currently Verizon and Sprint will require the iPhone 4S to be locked into a two-year contract to be activated on their networks.

Sprint Cuts $20 Billion Deal for Apple iPhone 5

Rumors of a Sprint iPhone have been flying around lately, but now the Wall Street Journal reports that the company has literally bet its future on the device. Apple's terms require Sprint to purchase at least 30.5 million iPhones over the next four years at a cost of $20 billion. The company has been struggling for years and its stock has lost 80 percent of its value since the first iPhone was sold.

Sprint iPhone 2011

Sprint will be losing money on the proposition until at least 2014. The wireless carrier doesn't have much to lose considering it has been losing subscribers since its 2005 merger with Nextel. Sprint has half of the subscribers that Verizon and AT&T have and roughly 40 percent of these customers are pay-as-you-go.

Apple Ramps Up iPhone 5 Production Ahead of Release Date

What iPhone 5 release date? Even though there's still no official confirmation from Apple that the iPhone 5 even exists, reports are now surfacing that Foxconn is ramping up production of the mystery handsets to the tune of 150,000 per day. This puts Apple on track for over five million units per month ahead of a single announcement by the company revealing the new device.

MacRumors designs iPhone 5 mockup

Above is a rendering concept produced by Macrumors based on leaked iPhone 5 case schematics from manufacturers in China. Despite Apple's apparent success at hiding the next iPhone from prying eyes, reports from the supply chain continually leak out indicating possible specifications and the status of iPhone 5 manufacturing.


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