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iPhone 4 Price Drop Coming to Retailers Tomorrow

If you've waited this long to buy an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, it looks like patience will pay off at the end of this month. The leaked screenshot below shows internal documents indicating that third-party iPhone retailer Radio Shack is getting ready to slash prices on the iPhone starting today (July 31, 2011). To qualify for the new subsidized pricing customers must sign up for a two-year contract.

iPhone 4 Target Radio Shack prices

Both iPhone 4 models will drop $30 off the selling price, assuming the document sent to Engadget is authentic. This brings the price of the 16 GB iPhone 4 to $169.99 and the 32 GB model to $269.99. The 8 GB iPhone 3GS will also be reduced and is offered here for $19.99. We have already seen AT&T sell refurbished iPhone 3GS units for as low as one cent with a two-year contract.

iPhone 5: AT&T and Apple Preparing September Release

A bevy of new information points to early September as the release date for Apple's next generation iPhone. AT&T stores are telling managers to wrap up employee training in anticipation of an increase in customers this September. The report, filed by BGR claims AT&T has begun to communicate "launch plans" to its stores regarding the iPhone 5.

ATT stores prepare for iPhone 5

Similarly, Apple stores in the UK and US have been beefing up staff and asking former employees to return. The program is typically invoked for holidays, back-to-school sales and new product launches, according to MacRumors.

AT&T Offering Refurbished iPhone 3GS for One Cent

No joke. AT&T Mobility has begun to offer "refurb cosmetic blemish" 8GB iPhone 3GS models on its website for $0.01 with a two-year contract. Those who aren't comfortable with scratch and dent products can get a normal refurbished iPhone 3GS for only nine bucks. Nine dollars! Pricing on a brand new iPhone 3GS remains $49.

ATT offers refurbished iPhone 3GS one cent

All of these deals as shown above on the AT&T website require a two-year commitment. The pricing changes have fueled speculation that Apple could be stopping production of the 3GS in preparation for an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 launch as early as this fall.

iPhone Sale: iPhone 4 Reduced to $147 Through June

Walmart is reducing the price of the 16GB iPhone 4 to $147 through June 30. That's $50 off the regular $197 price.

iphone sale

The sale was announced a few hours before Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, where it is rumored Steve Jobs will announce the iPhone 5. The new deal requires a two-year contract or qualified upgrade, and applies to both the AT&T and Verizon versions of the iPhone 4. The sale lasts from June 6 to June 30.

Invites Signal Possible iPhone 5 Launch at WWDC

Just when everyone started to believe that the fifth generation iPhone announcement wasn't coming until August, new information points to a possible WWDC reveal this June. According to Electricpig in the United Kingdom, British journalists are being invited by Apple to attend the Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) starting on June 6.

Apple WWDC 2011 iPhone 5 delay

Would the iPhone public relations team in the UK be asking select tech publications to attend WWDC in San Francisco if a new product announcement wasn't about to happen? Electricpig's sources say no way. This could mean that new iPhone hardware will be shown off in June after all. According to US invites pictured above, the focus of the event seems to center in on the next version of the iOS mobile operating system.


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