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Kingdom Rush for the iPhone is Free for a Limited Time! [Tower Defense]

Kingdom Rush is free to download for one week starting today, September 19. This is one of the best tower defense games ever made, and I can't recommend it highly enough! In Kingdom Rush you must use 8 specialized towers with 18 tower abilities to defeat over 45 different enemies on many different levels. The fun achievements, challenging levels and extra game modes make this one of the most addicting action fantasy defense games I have ever played!

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Unlike other tower defense games, Kingdom Rush requires much more strategy than placing turrets and upgrading them. You must select the best combination of units and special abilities that will give you the greatest chance of defeating the many different enemies and their special powers. Kingdom Rush also requires good timing, and allows you to interact with your environment. It is one of the few games where you will want to conquer every level of difficulty and finish every achievement. Not only is the game fun and challenging, but the graphics are great, the sound effects are fun, and it offers repeat playability.

What's Different About Apple's EarPods?

Apple announced new in-ear headphones called EarPods at its keynote on Wednesday. The EarPods will begin shipping with every iPod touch, iPod nano and iPhone after the iPhone 5 is released on September 21. Apple spent three years redesigning the old in-ear headphones that previously came with older Apple devices.

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Apple uploaded a video to YouTube explaining why the new EarPods are better. Jonny Ive, Apple’s head of industrial design explains in the clip that making one headphone to fit everbody’s ear would be impossible, but that's exactly what Apple set out to do.

YouTube Releases New Standalone App for the iPhone

Apple is not only kicking Google Maps to the curb, it's also removing the stock YouTube app with the release of iOS 6. YouTube responded by releasing its own standalone app in the App Store on Tuesday. YouTube fans can either download the new app, or keep their old stock app by ignoring iOS 6 when it's released.

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The new YouTube app brings an improved channel guide where users can swipe left or right to navigate their subscribed channels, better search tools that give suggestions while you type, and the ability to share videos on Google+, Facebook, Twitter or via text. YouTube promises the new app will give YouTube users a better mobile experience than the old stock app.

Skype Adds Photo Sharing to iPhone and iPad Apps

Skype updated their iPhone and iPad apps to version 4.1 on Tuesday. The upgrade brings a new photo sharing feature, a few minor bug fixes and minor visual improvements. The photo sharing feature requires that both users are connected to Skype’s instant messaging service to work.

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If sharing pictures of food is not your thing, Skype 4.1 is also supposed to improve the app’s battery performance, plus fix a bug related to Bluetooth and calls. Existing users can upgrade to version 4.1 starting today.

5 Great Fantasy Football iPhone Apps

The 2012 fantasy football apps are finally hitting the App Store in anticipation of the upcoming NFL season. Here is a list of five apps that can help your draft and manage your fantasy football team. All of the apps listed support both the iPhone and iPad.

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RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2012 ($4.99 - iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) - You can't have a fantasy football league without a draft, and no decent fantasy football owner would be caught dead without a cheat sheet on draft day. The RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit replaces the old pen and paper technique by automatically adjusting to fit your league settings. This is great app for keeping track of your draft and managing your picks on the fly. It's also cheaper than those old fantasy football magazines we used to buy.

Features include: A cheat sheet that ranks players based on projected stats for 2012 using your league's settings, the ability to manually rank players to your preference, a Watchlist for sleeper picks, easily keep track of who has been drafted, quick player search and more.


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