How to donate to American Red Cross with iTunes

iTunes American Red Cross

Sometimes when a major natural disaster strikes, Apple activates iTunes donations to make it easy for customers to help. This summer is no different, with Apple opening up American Red Cross donations to help those affected by the wildfires rampaging across the state of California. If you'd like to donate, iTunes will transfer 100 percent of your donation dollars directly to the Red Cross.

How to manage your iTunes subscriptions on iPhone

How to manage and cancel Netflix, Hulu, newspaper, magazine, Spotify, music and video iTunes subscriptions on iPhone and iPad.

Many popular subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, HBO and the New York Times to name a few, can be paid for through iTunes which makes it convenient to see all of your subscriptions in one place, rather than having to track them all down by perusing your credit card bills. Managing them from your iPhone or iPad is simple - you can view them right in Settings and cancel them if you want. Here's how to do it:

Apple to reboot Steven Spielberg's 'Amazing Stories'

Amazing Stories

Apple has made a deal to revive the Emmy Award-winning series Amazing Stories. Steven Spielberg's anthology was based on the comic books of the same name and originally aired on NBC from 1985 to 1987. Each episode presented a different story, ranging from horror to science fiction, drama and even an animated episode.

Donate to Hurricane Harvey relief with iTunes

Harvey iTunes American Red Cross

Apple has opened donations directly through iTunes to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The storm hit Texas as a category 4 cyclone, causing catastrophic flooding in Houston. The floods are expected to get worse as rain totaling up to three feet is forecast to blanket the area through Wednesday. Those with an Apple ID can easily send donations to the American Red Cross using iTunes, the App Store or Apple's online store.


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