Save $100 on an Apple iPhone - Buy Refurbished

Though we're a bit surprised to see them already available, Apple is now offering refurbished Apple iPhones for purchase via their online store.

refurbished iphones now for sale

The refurbished models are available in both the 4GB and 8GB models and come with a $100 discount as compared to their brand-new counterparts. That means that you can get your hands on a 4GB for $399 and an 8GB for $499.


Google Now Offering Standard Mobile Interface to iPhone Users

Though it was previously revealed that Google was working on and offering an iPhone targeted search as part of their User Distributed Search project, Google is now seemingly suggesting that iPhone users use their standard mobile portal instead of the UDS search offering.

google offering mobile interface to iphone users

Assumably through a user agent check, users visiting the Google home page from their iPhone are

AT&T Crippling Blackberry 8820 to Keep iPhone Looking Strong

A RIM fansite, BlackBerryCool, recently broke a report which suggests that AT&T has crippled the GPS capabilities of the upcoming Blackberry 8820 in an effort to keep the device's technical specs from showing up those of the Apple iPhone.

at&t to cripple gps on the blackberry 8820

From the sounds of it, GPS won't be wholly removed from the 8820, but it will be significantly reduced in functionality. So reduced, that the only functioning GPS related software on the device will be

Harper Collins Offers eBooks on the iPhone

One of the best features of the Apple iPhone is the amazing clarity and large size of it's LCD screen, particularly when compared to other mobile phones. As many have suggested, this makes the iPhone perfectly suited to reading mobile eBooks. While a few rough eBook offerings have popped up since the iPhone launched, today the first major publisher - Harper Collins - began offering eBooks on the iPhone.

harper collins ebooks on the apple iphone

The new eBooks service from Harper Collins will allow iPhone users to browse titles and read up to 10

TurboSIM Unlocked iPhones For Sale in Hong Kong

With last week's development of the TurboSIM unlocking method, it was likely only a short matter of time before seeing "unlocked" iPhones for sale for use with other providers both inside and outside the United States. As reported by PhoneDaily, this is now the case in Hong Kong.

unlocked iphone on hong kong csl

The following video shows a TurboSIM unlocked iPhone being used to make calls on Hong Kong's


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