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iPhone 5 Launch Date Confirmed by AT&T Schedule

More confirmation of the next generation iPhone release date has arrived from wireless carrier AT&T Mobility. Staff have received notice that a vacation blackout is in effect between the dates of September 21 and September 30, 2012. This matches similar regulations imposed on Verizon Wireless employees.

iphone 5 launch date

The news comes from TechCrunch's sources within the company, who state that AT&T employees are training for nothing less than an "iconic release". There's nothing much on the near-term mobile device horizon that sounds as iconic as the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 launch coming this fall.

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup: What to Expect from Apple's New iPhone

Even though the next-generation iPhone will be the sixth smartphone released by Apple, it's still being called the "iPhone 5" by most Apple fans. It's almost like Apple users have already forgotten about the disappointing iPhone 4S and its even bigger disappointment Siri. This is probably why the iPhone 5 is expected to enjoy record sales this holiday season. Many longtime Apple users skipped the iPhone 4S in anticipation of a 2012 iPhone 5 release. This means a lot of iPhone owners will be coming off two-year carrier contracts when the iPhone 5 becomes available in the fall. And there are also the iPhone 4S owners who have already dumped their devices for the iPhone 5. That adds up to a lot of people waiting for a new iPhone.

iPhone 5 concept

The hoopla surrounding the iPhone 5 is carryover from last year's next generation rumors. Dreams of a tear-dropped shaped iPhone may be gone, but the new iPhone is still expected to receive a complete body makeover. Part leaks have shown that the new iPhone could feature a chrome-plated metal frame and 8-pin dock connector. The iPhone 5 is also rumored to be 2mm thinner than the iPhone 4S, and to feature a 4-inch, 16:9 screen. The current models feature a 3.5-inch display.

Tamper-Resistant iPhone 5 Screws Just an Internet Hoax

Remember those "asymmetric screws" that were going to make iPhone 5 repairs impossible? Turns out they were just an internet hoax. Swedish design company Day4 admitted that they fabricated the report to highlight how desperate the blogosphere is for Apple "news".

Apple iPhone 5 asymmetrical screw design

Day4 revealed the hoax in a blog titled "How we screwed (almost) the whole Apple community." Lukasz Lindell of Day4 wrote: "Have you heard the phrase 'That's true because I saw it on TV' at some point? It was often the truth in the old days when people only had the TV or newspaper to relate to. What you saw or read was the truth, although it obviously wasn't always so."

The Day4 team claimed Apple was working on a redesigned screw that would leave no possibility for home repairs. They created a rendering of the screw, sent it to themselves in an email, uploaded it to a Reddit forum, and the internet did the rest. The rumor was picked up by well known blogs like BGR, iDownloadblog and Wired. However, most of the blogs questioned the accuracy of the report.

iPhone 5 Dock Connector to Feature MagSafe Connection?

If you haven't seen enough photos of iPhone 5 components yet, here's another that's sure to light up your day. The fact that the next generation dock connector is rumored to be an 8-pin symmetrical design is exciting enough. No more fumbling around in the dark with a 30-pin connector and trying to get it to plug in the right way.

mini dock connector magsafe

Even better is the prospect that Apple plans to incorporate MagSafe technology into the next generation iPhone port. The photo above from clearly shows a metallic housing on the smaller dock port that could indicate MagSafe functionality.

Apple Upping the Ante with New iPhone 5 Screw Design?

One of the more significant changes that could be coming to the next generation iPhone is a completely redesigned screw. This photo featured on BGR shows a rendering of what is claimed to be an iPhone 5 assembly screw. As you can see, this design leaves no room for at-home repair.

Apple iPhone 5 asymmetrical screw design

In fact, should this design actually come to fruition, the screw head has no known tools capable of turning the part and loosening the iPhone 5 chassis. The screw is completely asymmetric, unlike any bolt or screw seen before on mobile electronic hardware.


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