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iPhone 5 Engineering Samples Confirm Larger Form Factor

Photos of a scale model of the next generation iPhone have leaked to Gotta Be Mobile from a source within Apple's supply chain. Assuming these images are authentic, the engineering sample confirms several parts leaks and previous reports of a larger form factor.

iPhone 5 engineering

According to the engineering sample, which is typically used to mock up a product when fine tuning manufacturing processes, the iPhone 5 will be longer than its predecessor to accommodate a larger 16:9 display. Other aspects of the new design are also apparent in the metal model, such as camera placement similar to the iPhone 4S.

Is Apple Preparing to Enter the World of Mobile Payments by Adding NFC Technology?

A 19-pin dock connector and 4G LTE may not be the only new features the next generation iPhone will be packing. The new device could be equipped with NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. An NFC chip allows smartphones to interact with other devices in a very close proximity. The addition of NFC capabilities and the recently announced Passbook app will allow Apple to finally compete with Google Wallet.

Near Field Communications

9to5Mac claims that they discovered clues of Apple's plans to add NFC hidden in a hardware code dump. They also cited Jim Peters, CTO of SITA who said retailers should prepare themselves for Apple to sneak its way into the lucrative world of mobile payments.

Will Millions of iPhone Accessories Become Obsolete When New iPhone is Launched?

There have been many reports claiming that Apple has been working on a smaller port to replace the 30-pin connector currently used with the iPhone. TechCrunch claims that they have independently verified that the next generation iPhone will feature a 19-pin port. Several purported parts and case leaks have already shown the smaller slot, which TechCrunch describes as "similar in size to the Thunderbolt port available on many MacBook devices." This is bad news for independent manufacturers since it will make millions of iPhone accessories obsolete.

Next Generation iPhone

The change is most likely due to size constraints from the iPhone's new design. The new iPhone is expected to be thinner, and feature a larger screen leaving less real estate for Apple to work with. Apple has been using the 30-pin port since the release of the third generation iPod.

More Incredible iPhone 5 Renderings Surface

Hot on the heels of the impressive next generation iPhone renderings revealed last week, designer Martin uit Utrecht has given us even more eye candy. This time the renderings of the iPhone 5 are done in both white and black, complete with fingerprints on the metal back.

iPhone 5 concept

These designs are based on leaked parts and diagrams showing a slightly longer device with a thinner profile. The taller iPhone 5 will accomodate an extra row of home screen icons thanks to a larger film-aspect ratio display. Apps not optimized for the larger screen are expected to run in letterbox format.

Apple iOS 6 Upgrade Details Revealed

Now that WWDC 2012 is only a few days away, there's been plenty of time for speculation, research, rumors and leaks. Apple is set to show off its latest mobile operating system next week, iOS 6. So what have we learned is already in the works for the firmware?

WWDC announcements

According to reports, Apple will focus primarily on major improvements to apps, while most functions of iOS will remain unchanged. iPad 3 owners will be happy to know that Siri is expected to launch on their devices with the release of iOS 6. So what does iOS 6 have in store for the rest of us?


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