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iPhone 5S Updated with Faster Apple A7 Chip

No matter what colors the iPhone 5S may carry on its exterior, upgraded hardware will ultimately set the device apart from the crowd. More information has surfaced revolving around the next generation Apple A7 chip to be featured inside the upcoming iPhone 5S. MacRumors previously identified a prototype of the handset with a new chip in Apple's series labeled APL0698.

A7 processor

Now 9to5Mac reports the A7 chip runs 31 percent faster than the current A6. Not only this, but the same source claims the A7 system will sport an independent chip designated specifically for motion tracking. This could mean Apple is working on new camera software for the iPhone 5S, or implementing new ways to interact with iOS without having to touch the display.

iPhone 5S to Launch in Four Different Colors?

Apple has even more surprises in store for those anticipating the iPhone 5S announcement early next month. According to parts leaked by Sonny Dickson, the company will add a graphite and black color to the lineup this fall. This could mean the iPhone 5S will be available in graphite and gold flavors in addition to the familiar slate and silver combinations of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S parts

Alternatively, Mendmyi claims the iPhone 5S will only be available in the new colors gold and graphite, in a shift away from the colors used on the iPhone 5. Offering only the updated color schemes would set the iPhone 5S apart from the iPhone 5. For comparison, all four colors are shown in the above photo of metal parts including the volume, sleep and mute buttons.

iPhone 5S Back Panel Shows Home Button Update

Anyone looking for evidence of changes to the internal design of the next iPhone has been busy lately. Several leaks in recent days have piled on proof of a dual LED flash, sapphire home button, and a gold iPhone 5S in the works. Now shows off the back panel of the iPhone 5S with several updates over the current model iPhone.

iPhone 5S backplate

Most interesting are the changes centering around the home button, which can be clearly seen in the photo above. Assuming the part is the real deal, Apple has changed the shape of the home button backplate, also moving the mounting point down on one side. The new part could possibly be designed to retain a fingerprint sensor, and reports have indicated the iPhone 5S will feature a convex sapphire home button.

More Detailed Photos of Budget iPhone Leaked

Ever since photos and parts of Apple's upcoming lower-priced iPhone model have leaked, speculation has been rampant that the company has been planning to launch this new device alongside the iPhone 5S this fall. Now the site Techdy claims to have hands-on photos and video of the plastic-backed iOS device in white.

all plastic iPhone

Showing off the upcoming budget iPhone's rear shell and display assembly, the photos point to a more inexpensive device with definite Apple design features. The budget iPhone compares nicely to the iPhone 5, with similar openings for a lightning connector, speaker and audio headphone jack.

More Gold iPhone 5S Parts Revealed

There's no shortage of Apple rumors circulating this year ahead of WWDC. Next week the company is not expected to announce any new hardware, but a completely redesigned iOS 7 instead. The iPhone 5S won't see the light of day until this fall. In the meantime, this hasn't stopped from leaking more iPhone 5S parts photos.

iPhone 5S parts

After all, the next generation iPhone is said to have already entered trial production. Although the device will have the same form factor as the current model, the iPhone 5S reportedly has internal improvements and will come in multiple different colors. Anyone who remembers how long the white iPhone 4 was delayed can be forgiven for being skeptical when it comes to these reports.


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