How to fix the PDF security vulnerability on my jailbroken iPhone?

The same PDF vulnerability that Apple has patched in iOS 4.3.4 and iOS 4.2.9 can be patched with a free tweak available on the Cydia app store. After successfully jailbreaking your iPhone with JailbreakMe 3.0 simply follow these steps to close the security hole and read PDF files without worry.

1. Open Cydia and navigate to the Search tab.
2. Type pdf in the search field and results will appear.
3. Select PDF Patcher 2. The app screen will appear. You can scroll down for more information.

Secret Details of Verizon iPhone 4 Launch Revealed

According to a report by TechnoBuffalo Apple and Verizon were very careful to make sure that the iPhone 4 launch stayed under wraps until the announcement. A source close to the process claims the device was codenamed Acme and employees were privy to information only on a need-to-know basis. Some were testing Verizon connectivity at Apple stores up to six months in advance of the February release.

Verizon Apple iPhone 4 deal

Some Verizon employees received iPhone 4 units two weeks prior to the official launch. This privilege required the signing of a four-page non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from Apple before they could get their hands on the device. The CDMA iPhone 4 itself had unique security features to ensure that a device wouldn't go missing as happened in 2010 with a prototype GSM iPhone 4.

How can I encrypt my iPhone backup in iTunes?

You can increase your iPhone backup security by encrypting backup files written to your computer during an iTunes syncing operation. This means that should your computer be lost or stolen, the backup files from your iPhone will be password protected. Contacts, location data, calendars and other sensitive information from your iPhone is stored in each backup file.

To encrypt your iPhone backups:

1. Open the iTunes application on your computer.
2. Connect your device to the computer via USB.
3. Click on the icon of your iPhone in the left menu under DEVICES.

Apple Testing Gesture Passcode Lock for iPhone?

Screenshots acquired by 9to5 Mac reveal a gesture-based passcode lock screen already in use internally at Apple. The AppleConnect iOS application for employees makes use of the feature.

apple iphone gesture passcode test AppleConnect 9-point

Much like a similar gesture-based passcode lock found on Android devices, the Apple version allows users to set a private code based on points that are connected by the user on the screen. The iOS version has a progress bar indicating the strength of an individual gesture entered for use as a passcode.

iPhone Passcode Lock Security Flaw Revealed

Your iPhone personal data is protected by the passcode lock screen at all times, right? Turns out that it's pretty simple to bypass the four-digit passcode to access the phone app revealing contacts, email information, recent calls and even visual voicemail. The process to circumvent the passcode lock revolves around the emergency call feature built into iPhones to allow 911 calls on a locked phone.

apple iphone lock screen emergency call security hole

MacRumors forum user jordand321 announced the security flaw this weekend. The problem happens when the iPhone is locked but you enter the emergency call screen. Type any non-emergency number and touch the call button.


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