How do I setup a rescue email for my iOS device / Apple ID?

Apple has implemented a variety of security features over the years to protect user data, such as credit card information and so on. Some of those features include the Apple ID security questions and backup email. Adding a backup email, or "rescue email" as Apple calls it, allows you to reset your security questions, and recieve account security-related notifications.


Add guest mode to iPhone with security tweak Blocked


Blocked makes it possible to enforce more robust security and privacy on iOS devices. Once installed, Activator actions can be configured to enter two different secure modes: Sleep mode and Guest mode. Both modes function in a similar manner, by blocking access to certain apps or settings when enabled. This means you can be sure exactly what's happening on your iOS device when lending it to someone, or when it's time to sleep.

Add Extra Security to the iPhone Lock Screen

Opening the Control Center or Notification Center from the iOS lock screen is convenient. It can also be viewed as a security risk for those who like their devices locked down. The jailbreak tweak Secret-Lock adds an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized access to all lock screen features on the iPhone.


Once installed, Secret-Lock can be toggled in the settings. There are some options to be configured, including the secret Activator gesture that will unlock the lock screen. Everything on the lock screen will be inaccessible until this gesture is performed.


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