How to fix Siri name pronunciation on iPhone

Siri name pronunciation

Siri has made great strides in its capabilities and understanding of natural language. However, there will always be proper names without intuitive pronunciations. These names can trip up humans just as much as Siri. The good news is that Siri can learn the correct pronunciation with a little bit of help. There are two ways to fix a pronunciation on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

How do I change Siri's accent?

Siri has come a long way since the iPhone 4s. She can now be a He, and with iOS 11 and later she is even a bigger part of your iPhone. Siri is more than just your personal voice assitant, she can also be your personal DJ, make smarter suggestions in other apps, and add suggested arrival times to your QuickType keyboard. You can also now give Siri an American, British or Australian accent. Here's how:


How do I use Type to Siri?

iOS 11 has brought back text based queries to Siri as an Accessibility feature for iPhone/iPad owners who can't use voice commands for the digital assistant. It can also be useful if you need to be quiet, or Siri just isn't understanding what you're saying. To activate it, head to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Siri and toggle on "Type to Siri." Now you can hold down the Home button to bring up Siri along with a keyboard to type your query. You can still use "Hey Siri" while this is on (providing you have Hey Siri on as well).


How to check which apps work with Siri on iPhone

How to check which apps work with Siri on iPhone.

There was an almost palpable collective feeling of “Finally!” among iOS users when, with iOS 10, Apple introduced third-party app integration with Siri. This allows you to interact with third-party apps via Siri, so you can, for example, order an Uber or Lyft through the digital assistant, or dictate a message to WhatsApp and so on. It isn’t always apparent which apps have updated with Siri integration or if they have, what functionality they have with Siri.



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