iPhone 2.2 Beta 2: Street View, Audio Input, More

The beta 2 release of iPhone firmware 2.2 is here. There are major improvements to the Maps application. Directions can now be found in three different modes, for driving, mass transit, and pedestrians. Street View has also been added, and allows the user to see street level photographs of a location just like Google Maps on the web.

app streetview demo

When getting public transportation directions, subways and buses are both included along with scheduled times from Google Transit when available. Want to send your location to someone you're supposed to meet? Location sharing is another built-in feature that makes this easy.

P2P Client MewSeek Released for iPhone 2.1

Now that your iPhone running the latest firmware (2.1) has been jailbroken it's time to find some cool applications. Feel the need for some P2P filesharing? Now you can download music from the SoulSeek network using MewSeek (formerly known as iSlsk). The application is available for free on Cydia.

Wal-Mart to Carry iPhone Next Month

According to reports, Best Buy will not be the only third-party reseller of the iPhone 3G for long. Wal-Mart may be joining the ranks as early as November 15th, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Does this mean we can look forward to Rollback Savings? Don't count on it.

Currently, prices for the 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3G at Best Buy are $199 and $299 respectively, the same as they are at AT&T and Apple retail stores. The product is not available on the web, since in-store activation is required.

Snow Reports App Comes to iPhone

Just in time for winter comes a new iPhone application delivering real-time snow reports directly to your device. Find snow conditions and depths for your favorite ski and snowboard resorts by region, then store them in a list.

eddit snow reports app

Access the open/closed status of the resort and surface snow conditions immediately, or touch to see more details or a weather report. Over 2,000 resorts are available for tracking, and the software allows 16 locations to be stored for quick viewing. The app was developed by Eddie Wilson and costs $1.99.

Rumor Roundup: Features in iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta

Apple has seeded iPhone OS 2.2 beta 1 firmware to developers for "compatibility testing." Along with the new firmware they have also released iPhone SDK build 9M2611 beta. Most of the speculation circles around a few key features that were missed in the 2.1 upgrade. Of course, it seems Apple had its hands full with connectivity issues and a long list of usability problems that had to be addressed first.

Regardless of Apple's NDA it seems that one screenshot was leaked of definite improvements to the MobileSafari browser. The menu bar will more closely resemble the desktop version, placing the URL field and search field next to each other on the same line. The latest Webkits include JavaScript improvements that should also be released with 2.2. No word on whether or not the phishing vulnerabilities in MobileSafari and Mail will be addressed along with this cosmetic change.


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