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The Flipboard iPhone App Is So Popular It Doesn't Work! (Updated)

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said an iPhone Flipboard app was the number one request from iPad users. Too bad all 4.2 million of them decided to download the app on its first day, leaving newer non-iPad owners wondering what all the fuss is about.

The popular iPad app is so popular on the iPhone, that it crashed the Flipboard servers making it impossible to create a new account. New users are receiving an error message that reads: "Couldn't build your Flipboard. Please check your internet connection and try again."


Flipboard tweeted "Due to high demand, our service is currently down, we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible."

Version 1.7 turns your "social-network posts, photos and videos into a magazine-like visual experience" on your iPhone. Well, according to USA Today it does. I have to take their word for it because like many users I can't get Flipboard to work on my iPhone 4S.

Samsung Calls iPhone "Old School" in New Facebook Campaign

Samsung has transformed their Facebook page into an iPhone 4S smear campaign. One image compares the iPhone 4S to two tin cans on a string and other outdated cell phone technology. The "cutting edge" (Samsung Galaxy S II) vs. "old school" (iPhone 4S) ad campaign also pokes fun at the iPhone's screen size, battery problems and Apple not releasing a new iPhone in 2011. Here are some examples of Samsung's recent wall posts making fun of the iPhone 4S.

Samsung Facebook

Take your pick: Carrying a magnifying glass or click to zoom?

Sick of squinting? It's okay, Samsung has a phone for that.

Celebrate your freedom of choice.

Sketchy battery? It's okay, Samsung has a phone for that.

If it looks the same and feels the same - it's probably the same.

Proxy Server Allows Siri to Control Other Devices

The list of devices Siri can voice control is getting longer thanks to the efforts of developers who are thinking outside of the iPhone 4S box. It all started when Applidium reverse engineered the Siri protocol and posted the files for anyone to use.

Siri icon

A developer named plamoni took the process a step further by creating an extensible Siri proxy server, which allows Siri to interact with other devices on a network without jailbreaking the iPhone. He successfully used his iPhone 4S to control a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat using the software.

Leaked Photos Show iPhone 4 Now Made in Brazil

The iPhone 4 has yet to officially launch in Brazil, but photos have already leaked of a locally-made 8 GB iPhone 4 hot off the assembly line. Foxconn has long been rumored to be starting production on the iPhone and iPad at a new factory in Brazil. Photos leaked on Brazilian site MacMagazine show an iPhone 4 with a unique model number and markings.

iPhone 4 made in Brazil

Also seen on the back of the iPhone is "Indústria Brasileira" instead of the typically seen "Assembled in China" tagline. Below this is the stamp of approval from the official Brazilian communications agency ANATEL. The version of iOS 5 installed on the iPhone describes the model number as "MD198BR" with the BR indicating Brazil.

Is the iPhone 4S Suffering From SIM Card Failure?

Users complaints about iPhone 4S SIM card error messages that read "Invalid SIM" and "SIM Failure" have been piling up on the Apple Support forums since the device went on sale in October. The glitch prevents users from using their phones when the SIM card is in the slot.

Invalid SIM

According to ZDNet this is not a new problem. The Sim card error message is from a design flaw that has affected the iPhone 4 in the past. Sometimes the SIM card causes a short circuit when it makes contact with the tray eject mechanism. The short circuit causes the error making the SIM card unable to connect with the wireless provider. This prevents users from performing the most basic functions like texting or placing phone calls.


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