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Real Control Pad Brings Real Gaming to the iPhone

While we've all gotten a kick out of the NES, Genesis, and GBA emulators for the Apple iPhone, truth be told there's not all that much real gaming going on. It would be hard to argue that using the touchscreen joypad offers ample control. This has left truly entertaining gaming to games more natively designed for a touch screen system. Until now. Though not available yet, iControlPad is cooming soon with its eyes set on changing the face of gaming on the iPhone.


The iControlPad is one of those accessories that you always thought someone should make, but figured no one ever would. Still in

When will EA's Spore be released for the iPhone?

After being shown as a demo at Apple's iPhone Software Roadmap event on March 6th, 2008, EA has confirmed that it will be releasing an iPhone version of their highly anticipated game, Spore. According to information available from EA at this point, the company plans to make an iPhone version of Spore available to customers at the same time the game is released for other platforms.

Spore is schedule for release on September 7th, 2008.

First Nintendo Emulator Available for the Apple iPhone

The last week or so has seen the arrival of the first significant third party applications for the Apple iPhone. We're not talking about AJAX web applications, we're talking true third party software running on the iPhone. The latest of these is the first NES emulator for the iPhone.

nintendo nes comes to the iphone

A programmer named stepwhite has delivered a native NES emulator for the iPhone based on the InfoNES core. Amongst the titles seemingly working via the emulator are: Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, Mega Man 2


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