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iControlPad iPhone Gaming Accessory Available for Order

The long wait is over for iPhone gaming enthusiasts. Finally the iControlPad, a concept that first surfaced in May 2008 is available for order and shipping next week. The device has two clamps that snap on around any model of iPhone, instantly giving the phone portable gaming controls.

apple iphone accessory icontrolpad

iControlPad works with other smartphones as well thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Essentially the accessory holds the device of your choice in place and provides a digital d-pad, two analog nubs, six front buttons and two rear buttons. At 1500 mAh, the battery in the iControlPad can even charge your iPhone with a USB cable.

Angry Birds Valentine's Day iPhone Pack Coming Monday

Game developer Rovio is at it again, with 18 new Angry Birds levels commemorating Valentine's Day coming to Angry Birds Seasons. According to reports, the updated expansion pack will make its way onto the App Store on Monday, a full week before the holiday. Those who already have Angry Birds Seasons will get the new levels for free.

apple iphone app Angry Birds Seasons valentines day

The app, last updated on December 10, costs $0.99 and already includes 45 levels for Halloween and 25 Christmas-themed levels. An HD version is also available for the iPad for $1.99. Valentine's Day levels will be contained in a new episode titled "Hogs and Kisses".

Nike+ GPS iPhone App: Play Tag With Your Friends

Most people think of tag as a child's game, however it can foster competition and a whole lot of running around. Now adults can play tag with their friends and the latest update to the Nike+ GPS iPhone app. The new version adds several games that will have runners setting up athletic contests between them and their friends in no time.

play tag with friends iPhone app Nike+ GPS

It's simple, track your run and then tag your friends using the app. They have three days to participate while you sit back and see who picks up their iPhone and runs. They can try to beat your distance, time, or even just be the first one to step up to your challenge.

iPhone Entertains a Crowd With Griffin PartyDock

Playing games on the iPhone can be fun, but usually it's a solitary experience. Game Center will change that some, with social features and multiplayer gaming. Problem is you're still staring at that little screen by yourself. Enter the Griffin PartyDock. The iPhone plugs right into the dock and now you're talking four-player console gaming on your iPhone.

apple iphone griffin party dock gaming

Four controllers are stored in the dock, which charges the iPhone and provides composite or component video out to your television. Griffin is calling the PartyDock a "media and game dock" for a reason. The unit does more than just play games.


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