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iPhone 5 Screen Could Feature Sharp IGZO Technology

Most of the hype surrounding the iPhone 5 display has been centered on its size, with industry observers predicting that Apple will increase the next generation display to 4 inches. New information points to an even more intriguing possibility, that the iPhone 5 will feature Sharp's IGZO display technology in a cutting-edge mobile touchscreen.

iPhone 5 IGZO Retina 4-inch display

The diagram above from Semiconductor Portal illustrates the advantage of IGZO transistors. These indium, gallium, and zinc (IGZO) transistors replace standard amorphous silicon thin-film transistors in the Sharp components, which provide higher electron mobility. This means display pixels can be smaller and more light passes through the IGZO display.

Apple Patents System for iPhone / iPad Drop Protection

Imagine a future iPhone that would automatically detect your clumsiness, knowing when it was dropped. Then in a split second the device inflates a liquid bladder between the glass display and the chassis of the iPhone to protect the screen from impact. This high-tech shock mount would absorb the vibrations from the impact and prevent cracked screens.

Apple Patent shock protection

Sound like science fiction? Although we haven't seen this invention released on any mobile computing products, according to Patently Apple the company filed a patent for this drop protection system in the first half of 2010. It could be just what the doctor ordered if Apple continues to use glass so prominently in its mobile computing products.

Last iPhone 5 Rumors Before October?

Did you really believe Apple announcing its big iPhone event would put an end to all the next generation iPhone rumors? Sorry, not gonna happen! Prepare your last grains of salt, because here's the latest, and hopefully the last, iPhone 5 gossip!

While speaking at Macworld Asia, China Unicom's Deputy Director Huang Wenlian said the new iPhone 5 would feature HSPA+ 21Mbps data speeds. This comes from a poorly translated PC Watch report, but the image below is quite convincing.

iPhone 5 rumors

9to5Mac found three next generation iPod Touch SKUs and two iPhone 4S SKUs in Apple's inventory system. The new iPhones are listed as N90A. The new device is believed to be the iPhone 4S since the iPhone 4 is codenamed N90. The new listings could also be for the rumored 8GB iPhone 4 mentioned by Reuters in August.

No iPhone 5 For T-Mobile in 2011

T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman confirmed that they would not be getting the iPhone 5 "this year." However, his statement could mean a lot of things.

According to one sales associate, Sprint will be offering the iPhone 4 to their subscribers in 2011, not the iPhone 5. This could be a mistake on the employee's part, or maybe both Sprint and T-Mobile customers will have to wait longer for the next generation device.

T-Mobile iPhone

J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz thinks Apple is going to have a great year by offering the "iPhone 4-plus", a low-end replacement for the iPhone 3GS, on more carriers. Apple doesn't seem to be in a hurry to launch the iPhone 5, and could have decided to expand its customer base by only offering the revamped iPhone 4 to T-Mobile and Sprint. This could also be due to the iPhone 5 production delays mentioned by 9to5Mac a few days ago. If Apple is expecting iPhone 5 shortages in 2011, they could be limiting the amount going to new carriers until production picks up in 2012. According to 9to5's report, the iPhone 4-plus is flying off the production line, and Apple should have plenty available for the upcoming holiday season, but the iPhone 5 might be limited in numbers.

Case Manufacturer Leaks iPhone 5 Renderings on Web

One of the major league mobile case manufacturers temporarily made an iPhone 5 product website live ahead of schedule. Apple hasn't even officially announced the product yet, however Case-Mate posted a page detailing several different case designs wrapped around a brand new next generation iPhone. According to the images, the next Apple smartphone will have a thinner design and aluminum back.

leaked Case Mate iPhone 5 designs

Unfortunately the leaked images don't reveal much of the front side. Still, it would appear as though the mute switch was moved to the opposite side of the device as has been previously seen in other leaked case designs. The cases were pictured in at least three different styles with multiple colors.


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