Google Calendar App Free for iOS Devices

Finally, the official Google Calendar app has arrived on the iOS App Store. Users of Google Calendar for work or pleasure will enjoy the fact that Google has released its own take on calendar functionality for iPhone and iPad users. The app has a pleasant user interface and facilitates interaction with a Google Calendar account on iOS without complicating the process.

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The native iOS app streamlines what was previously available only as a mobile website on the iPhone. Various third-party apps made it possible to view and interact with Google Calendar, but the official Calendar app found on Android devices was not available for Apple users until now. Google Calendar meshes with Exchange calendars as well, and plays nice with Gmail events. This means emailed event details can automatically be converted into calendar events.

Third-Party Charging Docks for Apple Watch Coming Soon

Accessories have always flooded the iPhone and iPad markets, and the Apple Watch will be no different. Two Apple Watch charging stands have already been announced, which will kickstart many other options for Apple fans. Nomad has announced its Stand for Apple Watch in silver and space grey, hitting the market on April 30 for $59.95.

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The Apple Watch charging cable threads into a hidden groove in the back of the Nomad Stand, which keeps the look of the accessory minimalist and clean. The actual MagSafe inductive charging plate rests inside the stand, awaiting the Apple Watch for docking. Apple Watch along with the band easily slips on and off of the Nomad stand for easy charging and a visually stunning display.

LockInfo 8 Supercharges the iPhone Lock Screen

One of the longer running jailbreak tweaks in iPhone history is LockInfo. For several versions of iOS, this tweak has brought an improved level of information and interaction directly to the iPhone lock screen. In fact, LockInfo actually brought Notification Center to iOS 4, before the feature was officially launched with iOS 5 in 2011.

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LockInfo 8 now brings all of this functionality and customization to jailbroken iOS 8 devices. Bringing the Notification Center to the lock screen is the tip of the iceberg. Not only does LockInfo make swiping down to reveal what's going on unnecessary, it provides access to additional information with a swipe or tap. For example, swiping left on the lock screen will reveal the weather forecast, right on the iPhone lock screen.

How to Hide Conversations in the Messages App

Looking to temporarily hide conversation threads in the iOS Messages app? The jailbreak tweak HiddenConvos has you covered. Once installed, HiddenConvos adds new swipe functionality directly to Messages, with no options or settings to configure.

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Simply swipe to the left on a message thread, and a blue Hide button appears right next to the standard Delete option. Tapping Hide will make the conversation thread disappear without deleting the thread entirely. Not only this, but when hidden, the conversation will automatically be put into Do Not Disturb mode. This means incoming alerts will be silenced, hiding all incoming messages.

Android Wear Looks to Get iOS Support

Last month developer @MohammadAG showed the world it was possible to receive iPhone notifications on the Motorola Moto 360 smart watch. The work has continued, with his Android Wear device now able to answer calls from the iPhone. But that's not all.

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His latest tweets show the Moto 360 is capable of delivering low battery alerts, time syncing, and even controlling music when paired with an iPhone. Many have been wondering if and when this capability would be made public, or how difficult it might be to implement. Now thanks to a major discovery, it looks as though Android Wear will get official iOS support in the near future.


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