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Get iPhone iOS 5 Features Now: Access Camera from Lock Screen

One of the more useful features coming to iOS 5 in the fall adds a camera button to the iPhone lock screen, speeding up access to the Camera app. Missing a photo because you need to unlock, enter your passcode, find the Camera app and snap the picture can be a drag. If your iPhone is jailbroken, a free tweak called CameraLock simplifies access to the photography app of your choice right now.

CameraLock Cydia tweak install

CameraLock has a few adjustable options, including Bypass Passcode and Don't Lock Back. If Bypass Passcode is set to ON, tapping the camera icon from the lock screen will immediately open the Camera app. Don't Lock Back is set to OFF by default, so that when you're finished shooting photos the iPhone automatically returns to the lock screen.

iOS 5 Beta 4 Update Released Over-the-air (OTA)

The first iOS 5 beta update to be seeded OTA was released today by Apple to developers everywhere. Beta 4 requires iTunes 10.5 beta 4 to sync and adds wireless syncing support on Windows machines.

iOS 5 beta 4 released OTA

When it comes to the OTA update, the process only upgrades iOS 5 beta 3 from the Settings -> General -> Software Update menu. Some developers have reported problems with over-the-air updating but the firmware can be installed manually if necessary.

iOS 5 Streams FaceTime to Larger Screen

Developers playing with iOS 5 beta 3 have discovered that it features AirPlay mirroring. AirPlay allows you to mirror your FaceTime video chats to a larger screen. If AirPlay mirroring makes it to the final version of iOS 5, your iPhone or iPad could change business conferences, future Twilight fan club meetings, or long distance family chats. No more trying to huddle around your iPad to wave at Grandma.


The initial images of AirPlay from iOS 5 aren't that impressive (see above), but it seems like a small price to pay for the possible benefits. However, AirPlay may get a boost from the next generation iPhone or iPad, depending of what kind of camera they have.

Apple Moves to Block iOS 5 Jailbreak, Firmware Downgrades

According to the latest research by iPhone Dev-Team Apple has taken steps to make iOS 5 more difficult to jailbreak and downgrade. Although the limera1n exploit used for iOS 4.x jailbreaks still works in beta iOS 5, only a tethered jailbreak is possible at this time. Starting up a jailbroken iPhone tethered requires that the device be connected to a computer while booting.

iOS 5 tethered jailbreak security

It's not clear if Apple's move can be countered in the near future, as the company will begin to generate a unique APTicket every time the iPhone is restored. Not only this, but the APTicket will be verified every time the device is turned on.

5 More Great iOS 5 Features Apple Didn't Mention

A couple of days ago, we introduced to you 5 Great iOS 5 Features that Apple hadn't included in their highlighted feature presentation at the WWDC. Despite Apple only highlighting a handful of features, they clued us into the fact that iOS 5 included over 200 new features, and the iOS community has been busy combing the beta for the remainders. Be sure to check out the other 5 great features we introduced earlier in the week, as well as the five you'll find below.

1. Delete Individual Calls from Your iPhone Call Log

This is yet another iOS 5 feature that renders useless a jailbreak tweak. Previously, users needed to jailbreak and install a tweak in order to delete single calls from their call log. No longer. So, when you make that call at 3am that you'd prefer your girlfriend not see on your iPhone in the morning, you can now delete just that call from your recent calls list, rather than arousing suspicion by deleting the whole lot!

5 more great ios 5 features delete single calls


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