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Another Google App Bites the Dust! iOS 6 Beta 4 Removes YouTube From Homescreens

It looks like Google Maps isn't the only Google-based app that will disappear when iOS 6 is released in the fall. Engadget readers noticed that the latest iOS 6 beta, which was sent out to developers today, removes the YouTube app from the iOS homescreen when installed.

iOS 6 Beta 4

Both Apple and Google responded to Engadget's inquiry about the app. Apple said the licensing deal it had with Google ended, but "users can still use YouTube via the Safari web app." Apple also said the app would remain on devices running iOS 5 or older, and that Google "is working" on another version.

All Signs Point to a September iPhone 5 Release

Several reliable sources have "confirmed" that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 in September. iMore claims Apple is "planning to debut the new iPhone at a special event on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, with the release date to follow 9 days later on Friday, September 21." AllThingsD‘s John Paczkowski reaffirmed the date a day later, followed by The Verge and The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple.

iPhone 5 Release Date

iMore noted Apple will also announce a new iPod nano and the long rumored iPad mini at the event. However according to iLounge, the iPad mini will probably receive its own event and be released in November. iLounge's source also revealed some additional details about the fourth generation iPad:

Google Earth Adds 3D Citites

Apple plans to replace Google Maps with its own 3D mapping software when it releases iOS 6 this fall, but Google has beaten them to the punch by adding a new 3D view to its Google Earth app.

iPhone Maps

Verison 7.0 of Google Earth features 3D imagery for 14 regions including: Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Geneva and Rome. Google plans to add additional 3D cities to the iOS and Android platforms in the coming weeks. Version 7.0 also allows you to explore various locations, historic landmarks and natural wonders with its new "Tour Guide" feature. The new 3D view is available for the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad. You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store.

Activate the iPhone Passbook App in iOS 6 Beta

Interested to see Apple's Passbook app in action on the beta version of iOS 6? With all of the buzz surrounding potential NFC payment technology possibly making its way into the next iPhone, the Passbook app just got more interesting. Already Apple has explained that the app will save retail loyalty cards, plane tickets and more all in one convenient place.

iOS 6 Passbook app

Activating Passbook on your device is easy if you already have the developer beta of iOS 6 installed. The app is already installed, however in order to work it requires individual entries to be created. Luckily there's a website that you can access using mobile Safari that will set up Passbook info, activating the app.

New Podcasts App Available in Apple's App Store

Many believed Apple would release their new standalone Podcasts app alongside iOS 6, but they have decided to release it today instead. The app is now available for download in the App Store for devices running iOS 5.1 or later. Apple promises that the new app will make discovering and subscribing to podcasts much easier. It does this with a great UI and by offering many features like the innovative new Top Stations option.

iPhone Applications

Top Stations allows you to find new podcasts in a variety of topics like comedy, music or sports. The new app also features social networking sharing, in-app podcast management, and customizable playlists. You can browse by Audio or Video podcasts, and will have access to thousands of shows in over 40 languages. Read on for a complete list of features and requirements.


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