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How to Ask Siri About iPhone Battery Life

Tweaks to Siri have been cropping up regularly thanks to the untethered iPhone 4S jailbreak. AssistantExtensions in the Cydia app store is available for free, and makes it possible to add all kinds of useful conversations to Siri's repertoire. We've seen add ons to ask SIri questions about jailbreaking and have her announce the latest sports scores and schedules.

BatteryLevelAE Siri battery extensions

Now thanks to BatteryLevelAE, iPhone owners can ask Siri battery-related questions such as "How much talk time do I have?" Siri will respond with a rough estimate of how much juice is left on the battery for both 3G and 2G network connections.

Yelp Gets Improved Siri Integration on iPhone

Thanks to iOS 5.1 the relationship between Siri and Yelp just got a little bit closer. The iPhone 4S has used Yelp from the beginning to provide answers to all of your questions surrounding local businesses, especially restaurants and bars. The latest firmware update provides more interaction from the results that Siri pulls up from Yelp.

Yelp gets more Siri integration

Now with the Yelp iPhone app installed, tapping a business listed in Siri's search results will bring you directly to the business in Yelp. This provides full access to all of the pertinent information you may need before heading over to that address, such as hours of operation, review details, and photos.

iPhone 4S Owner Sues Apple Over Siri Advertising

Even disclaimers and beta software status hasn't prevented Siri from sparking a new lawsuit against Apple. iPhone 4S users including Frank Fazio, who is suing Apple in a California class action suit, have observed that Siri does not always work on their devices exactly how it works on television.

Siri icon class action lawsuit

They claim that Apple is providing "false and misleading" advertising and that the iPhone 4S without Siri is simply a more expensive iPhone 4. Of course, this ignores the fact that the iPhone 4S has several hardware upgrades from its predecessor and Siri is just one feature of many available in Apple's mobile operating system iOS 5.

Let Siri Answer Your Jailbreaking Questions

The popular Siri tweak AssistantExtensions has received an update. The Jailbreak FAQ Addon gives Siri the ability to answer your jailbreaking questions. Reading Siri an error message will prompt her to explain the problem and offer a fix. The addon will even answer questions about iTune errors that you may encounter while updating.


If you are new to AssistantExtensions it is available for free in the BigBoss repo. The Siri tweak adds built-in custom conversations, the ability to add your own Siri questions and responses, and it even teaches Siri to launch apps and search for YouTube videos.

Use Siri to Update Facebook and Twitter on iPhone 4S (No Jailbreak)

Siri has been receiving lots of attention lately from iPhone 4S owners looking to expand her capabilities. There are more tweaks and customizations arriving every day from developers in the jailbreak community. Of course, there are still things you can teach Siri to do without jailbreaking your iPhone 4S.

Siri iPhone tips and tricks

Although Apple has not included support for Siri to update social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can easily set up your iPhone 4S to make this possible. Siri will then take your commands and upload the message directly to your account. The same trick can even be used to let Siri update Google+ as well.


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