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iPhone 5 Defect Could Cause Shipment Delays

Up until now the iPhone 5 rumors have been pleasant and hopeful, but as we draw closer to the rumored Apple announcement in October, various sources are reporting things may not be as cheery as they seem.

iPhone 5

John Paczkowski's announcement about an Apple media event on October 4th, made fans hopeful that the wait for the iPhone 5 would finally be over. However, 9to5Mac reported earlier the iPhone 5 could suffer shortages in 2011 due to a manufacturing problem. More bad news came from DigiTimes who reinforced 9to5's claim, adding that a bubble defect in the touch panels could be the cause for the delay.

Apple iPhone Touchscreen Takes the Crown

The Apple iPhone has done it again. After winning the first touch screen battle earlier this year, a new robotic test by MOTO Development Group proves that when it comes to accuracy the iPhone can't be beat. For this test MOTO added two more devices to the lineup, the Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm 2.

apple iphone touch screen test

Google's Nexus one came in second place, with the Motorola Droid exhibiting the worst performance during the test. Two different sized robotic "fingers" were used at two different pressures to see which screens had the most accurate response. The iPhone showed a little bit of inaccuracy around the edges in the light pressure test, however it was light years ahead of the competition.

Apple Media Touch Tablet Confirmed

More information has surfaced about the Apple media pad, a touch-screen device larger than an iPhone with the functionality of a netbook. Barron's reports on an unnamed "veteran analyst" who claims to have held the prototype device in his own hands.

apple iphone tablet netbook wireless media pad

The source describes a slate-style computer only six weeks away from the final design stages that would be announced in September and hit shelves in November. Manufacturers of key components have already been described in industry publications.

Apple Touch Tablet Coming in September

Parts suppliers and manufacturers have already been selected for a rumored Apple media pad, a touch-screen device larger than an iPhone with the functionality of a netbook. The tablet could hit shelves as early as September.

apple iphone tablet netbook wireless media pad

Foxconn, manufacturer of the iPhone and Apple's notebook computers, will make the new device. Wintek is providing a 9.7-inch multi-touch panel, and Dynapack International Technology is supplying the battery.

Rumor Roundup: Apple Media Pad Touch Tablet

If news from Chinese manufacturers means anything, Apple is clearly planning on an iPhone-like device that would fill the gap between the iPod Touch and the MacBook. The latest reports and rumors are interesting, to say the least, and point towards a possible 2010 release of the product.

apple iphone tablet netbook wireless media pad

It sounds like elements of the iPhone OS have already been adapted for a larger touch screen with similar multi-touch capabilities. The new Apple media pad would simultaneously compete with netbooks and portable gaming systems such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.


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