How to Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 and 7.1 with Pangu

The latest versions of iOS including iOS 7.1.1 and 7.1 can now be jailbroken thanks to the PanguTeam based in China. While there was some concern over the Pangu jailbreak burning exploits that could have been used for iOS 8, the software checks out and is ready for Windows users. A Mac OS X version is currently in development.

jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 Pangu

Pangu is compatible with iPhones going back to the iPhone 4, all iPads except for the original model, and the iPod touch 5G. Once the iOS device is jailbroken, Cydia will be installed and iOS will boot jailbroken and untethered. Here are complete instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 7.1.x with Pangu.

Top 7 Ways to Customize the iPhone Unlock

One of the more popular pastimes for jailbreak developers is figuring out new ways to make unlocking the iPhone more interesting. The typical swipe to unlock and passcode keypad can be replaced by a variety of different options that customize the experience.

iOS 7 gesture passcode Stride 2 custom unlock

Everything from unique gestures to face recognition is possible as an alternative to the default unlock. Installing any of these tweaks requires a jailbroken device running iOS 7. Most of these tweaks cost $0.99 on Cydia, with a few charging a premium of $1.99 or $2.99. Here are the top 7 ways to customize the iPhone unlock:

How to Downgrade the iPhone from iOS 8 Beta to iOS 7.1.1

The next generation of iOS has arrived. Many enhancements and refinements contained in iOS 8 were revealed by Apple at the recent WWDC keynote. Developers have had access to the iOS 8 beta firmware since June 2, with the public release coming later this fall. Now that Apple signs firmware, downgrades to a previous IPSW file are not normally possible.

iOS 8 downgrade to iOS 7.1.1

Developers looking to revert to iOS 7.1.1 are in luck for the time being. Since the latest version of iOS is still being signed by Apple, downgrades from iOS 8 beta to iOS 7.1.1 are possible. No matter what the reason for a downgrade on a particular iPhone with iOS 8 installed, the procedure can be accomplished easily by following the steps below.

How to Export Photo Files from iPhoto

iPhoto makes it possible to tweak and modify the appearance of photos without permanently changing the original image files. The export function provides several options to control how photos are exported from the iPhoto library. Photos can be exported in their original state or with any modifications that were added by editing in iPhoto.

export images with iPhoto

To start, open the event or album that contains the photos you wish to export. Photos can be selected by clicking a thumbnail. When selected, thumbnails will have a yellow border. To select multiple photos click while holding the shift or command key. All photos can be selected at once using select all (command-A).

How to Sync iOS Voice Memos to a Computer

The stock Voice Memos app on the iPhone provides a convenient way to record audio on the go. While voice memos can be managed and played back directly on an iOS device, the files can be more useful when transferred to a computer. Not only does this save space on the iOS device, but audio files can be edited and used for different purposes after syncing.

sync voice memo iOS

The process of transferring voice memos to a computer only takes a few minutes on a Mac or PC with iTunes installed. To begin the process make sure the iPhone is connected to a computer via USB cable. Open iTunes and click on the name of the iOS device that contains the voice memos. This appears in the left iTunes menu under DEVICES.


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